Development Grants


Development Grants



The Development Grants scheme supports the development of researchers’ career paths and in particular their competitiveness for external research funding. It funds research capable of being developed into viable proposals for submission to Australian Competitive Grant schemes or to other significant competitive funding sources.

Applications with collaborators, internal (for example, with Centres of the University) or external, are encouraged, as are multidisciplinary applications. Support from other sources, internal (such as Colleges or Centres) or from external collaborators, will be favourably regarded.


Researchers (or teams of researchers) employed at levels A, B or C are eligible to apply to the scheme. New staff to the University appointed after 1 May 2015 at Level D are also eligible to apply.

In exceptional circumstances other researchers employed at levels D or E who are able to demonstrate the necessity for realignment of their research interests may also be considered for funding.

To be eligible as a Chief Investigator on a grant, an applicant must:

  • Be a staff member of JCU;
  • Have a research degree or a proven research record;
  • Have the time and capacity to make a serious commitment to the research;
  • Have an appointment in one of the following categories:
    • Team Leader or First Chief Investigator:
      • A continuing appointment
    • As team member on the application;
      • A continuing appointment or;
      • A fixed term appointment for the term of the grant

Please note:

  • The First Chief Investigator must have a continuing appointment at JCU. Investigators with a fixed-term appointment are ineligible to be First Chief Investigators on an application.
  • Due to current account restrictions a JCU Singapore Chief Investigator cannot be the first named Chief Investigator on the application.
  • Adjunct staff may be included on the application as Associate Investigators.

Number of Applications and Cross-Scheme Eligibility

Number of Applications:

A researcher can be included as a Chief Investigator on no more than two Development Grant applications.

A researcher who has been awarded a Development Grant is not able to apply again to the scheme.

Cross-Scheme Eligibility:

A researcher is able to hold a Development Grant and a Partnership grant at the same time.

A researcher is able hold a Development Grant and a Rising Star Grant at the same time.

Researchers with substantial research funding in the current or previous year from other internal sources (e.g. the ARC Centre of Excellence or AITHM) or from external sources are not able to apply for a Development Grant.


The maximum level of grant funding awarded to an application will be $80,000. There is no minimum funding amount required for the scheme.

Eligible Expenses:

Funds may be used towards postdoctoral and other research support positions and specific direct research costs e.g. research assistance, equipment, maintenance, consumables, travel (including accommodation and subsistence costs) and publication costs.

Ineligible Expenses:

Funds are not to be used for:

  • Research towards a higher degree
  • Conference or event travel
  • Infrastructure Costs for basic facilities such as:
    • Accommodation, e.g. laboratory and office space;
    • Access to film or music editing facilities;
    • Access to a basic library collection;
    • Standard reference materials or funds for abstracting services;
    • Provision of computers, including laptops (excluding access to high-performance computers or other specialised applications) and basic computing facilities such as printers, word processing and other standard software; and
    • Use of photocopiers, telephones, mail, fax, email and internet services.

Duration of Grant

The term of the grant is from the date of award through to 31 December of the following year.

In the subsequent round of funding, Grantees may apply for a 12 month extension and a maximum of $40,000 further funding with well supported argument and details of the progress of the research.

If the 12 month extension is not granted, there will be no carry forward of funds beyond the original grant term.

Assessment Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Applications must demonstrate alignment with JCU’s Statement of Strategic Intent.

Applications that fail to address Strategic Intent will not be considered for funding.

1 .Track Record of Applicants [45%]

Track record will be evaluated relevant to stage of career and opportunity. Evidence considered includes quality of publication records and a history of managing and undertaking effective projects with quality outcomes, where relevant in a collaborative context. Applicants must demonstrate a capacity to build and sustain their research careers funded as necessary by external sources.

2. Aims, Significance and Innovation [35%]

The research should address an important issue within its field; and align with the Strategic Intent of JCU, it should advance the knowledge base of the discipline, developing new methodologies or technologies, or advancing processes or therapies in practice, or making significant contribution to public policy and debate or industry thinking and practice.

3. Feasibility [20%]

The extent to which the researcher(s) demonstrate a clear pathway to outcomes, and the necessary capability to deliver on the proposed research within the budget and proposed timeframe.

Submission Details


Stage 1

In Stage 1 applications will be reviewed by an assessment panel and those applications deemed fundable will be progressed to Stage 2 review.

Applicants must use the application form provided for the scheme. An eligible application consists of a completed and fully signed application form saved as one (1) PDF and emailed to

Closing Date

Applications must be submitted by COB Monday 15 August 2016.

Stage 2

Applications that have been deemed fundable after Stage 1 review, will be invited to provide information on how the grant will be used to develop the First Chief Investigator’s career. This elaboration must be prepared in consultation with the Investigator’s academic supervisor or mentor. (The academic supervisor/mentor must be the person that manages the Performance and Development Plan of the First Chief Investigator.)

Once this supplementary information is provided, the panel will review this information with the Stage 1 application and determine those applications that will be funded.

Applicants will be requested to submit one (1) page of information on the Supplementary Information template provided by Research Services to Stage 2 applicants. The submission must be signed by the First Chief Investigator and the Academic Supervisor/Mentor.

Assessment Process

Applications will be assessed by a panel appointed by the Dean of Research.

Appeals against the decisions of the panel can only be on the basis of process. The Dean of Research has sole discretion in determining if an appeal should be considered and the appropriate process for consideration.


Research Services will call for reports on the outcomes of the project in July/August in the year following the completion of the grant and will provide a pro-forma for this purpose.  Failure to provide a report will result in the Chief Investigators being ineligible for internal grant funding.