Partnership Grants


Partnership Grants



The Partnership Grants scheme supports the establishment and development of mutually beneficial relationships between JCU and industry partners. Industry partners include private enterprises, government agencies (other than publicly funded research organisations) and non-government organisations.

The primary focus of the scheme is to support the early stages of a partnership. Funds will only be provided if the partnership is new, or if previous engagement was at a low level and in a different field and with different University researchers to the proposed application.

Successful applications are subject to an agreement between the University and the industry partner prior to funds being made available. This agreement is developed by Research Services and covers Intellectual Property and access to research results, while ensuring that researchers have the rights to publish and use results for ongoing research (subject only to limited term commercial confidentiality conditions).


To be eligible as a Chief Investigator on an application, applicants must be academic or research staff with an employment contract at James Cook University for at least the duration of the grant.

Please note: due to current account restrictions a JCU Singapore Chief Investigator cannot be the first named Chief Investigator on an application. Adjunct staff may be included as Associate Investigators.

A researcher can be included as a Chief Investigator in no more than two applications in a funding round.

Funding: Small and Large Grants

Small Grants

Grants of up to $5,000 may be provided (without industry partner matching cash) in order to assist with the preparation of an application to schemes that require universities to collaborate with industry partners. These include, but are not limited to Australian Research Council Linkage Projects, National Health & Medical Research Council Development grants, Advance Queensland Innovation Partnerships, and Innovation Connections grants.

Funds are to be used for the development of the relationship(s) with potential industry partners(s), for pilot research or for demonstration of relevant technical capacity. These grants may be applied for at any time.

All available funds for Small Grants have now been fully allocated for the 2016-17 financial year.

Assessment Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relationship with Industry Partner/s

The application must explain the relationship with the industry partner/s (a new or existing relationship) and how the small grant funds will assist in developing this relationship.

  • Research Project:

The application must outline how the research addresses an important issue and explain how the research is innovative. The application must outline how the small grant funding will lead to an application for external funding and include details of the external funding schemes to be targeted and the rationale for targeting these particular schemes.

Submission Details

Small grant applications may be submitted at any time.

An application consists of a completed and fully signed application form saved as one (1) PDF and emailed to

Small Grants Application Form

Large Grants

Grants of up to $80,000 will be awarded to applications that demonstrate that a genuine long-term linkage with the industry partner(s) will be fostered by the funding.

Applications with industry partner contributions will be strongly preferenced over those without this support.

Applications requesting in excess of $50,000 must demonstrate a significant industry partner cash contribution.

Funding will not be provided to merely leverage funds from the University to benefit the industry partner.

Assessment Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Applications must demonstrate alignment with JCU’s Statement of Strategic Intent.

Applications that fail to address Strategic Intent will not be considered for funding.

1. Relationship with Industry Partner [30%]

The application must address the extent to which the research is likely to lead to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. The application must demonstrate that funds will be available in the long term to sustain the relationship, including by leveraging collaborative granting schemes or other sources. Evidence of input from the industry partner in planning the application in the context of a long-term relationship is essential.

2. Track Record of Collaboration [25%]

The track record of applicants in collaborating with industry partners or, for applicants without such a record, evidence that the applicant will have access to mentoring from staff with experience of working with industry partners. Applicants must demonstrate an aptitude for project management within an industry partner context including delivering results on time and within budget.

3. Aims, Significance and Innovation [25%]

The research should address an important issue within its field, and align with the Strategic Intent of JCU. It should advance the knowledge base of the discipline or industry sector, developing new methodologies or technologies, or advancing processes or therapies in practice, and making a significant contribution to public policy and debate or industry thinking and practice.

4. Feasibility [20%]

The extent to which the researcher(s) and industry partner(s) can demonstrate a clear pathway to outcomes, and the necessary capability to deliver on the proposed research within the budget and timeframe.

Submission Details

An eligible application consists of a completed and fully signed application form saved as one (1) PDF and emailed to

Large Grants Application Form

Closing Date

Applications must be submitted to Research Services by COB Monday 22 August 2016.

Eligible Expenses

Funds may be used towards funding postdoctoral and other research support positions and specific direct research costs e.g. research assistance, equipment, maintenance, consumables, travel and publication costs.

Ineligible Expenses:

Funds are not to be used for:

  • Research towards a higher degree
  • Conference or event travel
  • Infrastructure Costs for basic facilities such as:
    • Accommodation (e.g. laboratory and office);
    • Access to film or music editing facilities;
    • Access to a basic library collection;
    • Standard reference materials or funds for abstracting services;
    • Provision of computers, including laptops (excluding access to high-performance computers or other specialised applications) and basic computing facilities such as printers, word processing and other standard software; and
    • Use of photocopiers, telephones, mail, fax, email and internet services.

Duration of Grant (Small and Large)

The term of the grant is from the date of award through to the 31st of December the following year.

Assessment Process

Applications for Small Grants will be assessed by the Director of Research Services as the applications are received.

Applications for Large Grants will be assessed by a panel appointed by the Dean of Research.

Appeals against the decisions of the panel can only be on the basis of process. The Dean of Research has sole discretion in determining if an appeal should be considered and the appropriate process for consideration.


Research Services will call for reports on the research outcomes of the application in July/August in the year following the completion of the grant and will provide a pro-forma for this purpose. Failure to provide a report will result in the Chief Investigators being ineligible for any future internal grant funding.