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The objectives of the RIBG Scheme are to:

  1. Remedy deficiencies in current research infrastructure;

  2. Enhance support for areas of research strength; and

  3. Ensure that areas of recognised research potential, in which institutions have taken steps to initiate high quality research activity, have access to the support necessary for development.

The rules on expenditure are set out in sections 2.3 and 2.4 of the RIBG Conditions of Grant, as follows:

2.3.  The RIBG Grant must be used only for any one or more of the following purposes:

2.3.1.   Non-capital aspects of facilities such as libraries, laboratories, computing centres, animal houses, herbaria, experimental farms;

2.3.2.   Equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, hire and lease;

2.3.3.   Salaries of research support staff (including research assistants; accounting and administrative staff; and technicians) employed to provide general support activity in a given area (e.g. a research assistant providing support for a number of research projects but not a research assistant dedicated to a particular project);

2.3.4.   Provide for travel costs to allow participation in international consortia.

2.4.  The RIBG Grant MUST NOT be used for:

2.4.1.   Capital works (i.e. Construction of buildings);

2.4.2.   Rental of accommodation;

2.4.3.   Salaries of teaching and research, and research-only academic staff (including the cost of ‘buying time’ to free such staff to do more research);

2.4.4.   Salaries of staff supporting research at the institutional level (e.g. Deputy Vice-chancellor (Research), Research Grants Officer);

2.4.5.   Stipends of postgraduate research students; or

2.4.6.   Travel costs directly associated with individual projects with the exception of travel costs to allow participation in international consortia.

Completed Research Funding Approval Form and request should be forwarded to the Division Deputy-Vice-Chancellor (or their nominee) for their approval.

Relevant Information

Australian Government - Department of Education and Training

The Higher Education Support Act 2003 - Other Grants Guidelines (Research) 2009 (DIISRTE)