JCU is a leader in research addressing the critical challenges facing the tropics, world-wide. 

A defining feature of JCU is its tropical location and its research excellence in disciplines of particular relevance to the tropics. 

As a comprehensive university in the tropics, JCU is well placed to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to meet these challenges.

JCU Research News

    JCU check on dugong meadows
    Tue, 12 Sep 2017
    James Cook University scientists have been using helicopters and remote camera systems to check on dugong feeding areas in the Mackay-Whitsundays.

    Feeling the heat: fungal infections reduce tolerance of heat
    Wed, 6 Sep 2017
    James Cook University scientists say more animals are being infected by fungal diseases and it might have serious consequences for wildlife living in a hotter world.

    Can corals survive climate change?
    Fri, 1 Sep 2017
    A group of international scientists, including scientists from Australia, have issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether corals can acclimatise* and adapt to the rapid pace of climate change.

    New research delivers hope for reef fish
    Thu, 31 Aug 2017
    New research examining the possible impacts of ocean acidification provides fresh hope for the survival of reef fish.

    Call for arts to keep up with Asia
    Thu, 31 Aug 2017
    A James Cook University researcher says Australia lacks a proper strategy for developing the arts sector, as Asian nations pour money into developing their cultural power.

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