Research and Teaching

Research and Teaching

Research and Teaching

JCU is a leader in research addressing the critical challenges facing the tropics, world-wide. 

A defining feature of JCU is its tropical location and its research excellence in disciplines of particular relevance to the tropics. 

As a comprehensive university in the tropics, JCU is well placed to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to meet these challenges.

JCU Research News

    Getting smarter for the GBR
    Mon, 14 May 2018
    JCU’s Internet of Things engineers are partnering with the Cairns Regional Council to develop smarter ways to manage urban stormwater run-off.

    Global trade spreads deadly frog disease from Asia
    Fri, 11 May 2018
    Genetic clues reveal origins of the killer fungus behind the ‘amphibian plague’

    World’s rarest ape on the edge of extinction
    Fri, 4 May 2018
    In a new research article, a team of international researchers argue that the Tapanuli Orangutan—a species discovered last year in Sumatra, Indonesia, and one of the rarest animals on the planet—could lose its battle for survival, unless decisive steps are taken to rescue it.

    Tropical Health & Medicine expands at JCU in Cairns
    Mon, 30 Apr 2018
    James Cook University has launched its newest building in Cairns, featuring an additional 16 laboratories and cryogenic facilities capable of storing clinical material and research samples at temperatures as low as ­­–1900 C.

    JCU Scientists Tackle Concussion Head-On
    Thu, 26 Apr 2018
    A new drug under development at James Cook University intended to treat badly wounded soldiers could also be used to treat brain injuries in rural and remote environments, sports concussions, and victims of one-punch assaults.

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