Contact details of the Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officers

Safety and Wellbeing Contact details

Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officers are the first point of contact regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying queries and concerns. They provide information to staff and students on matters regarding discrimination and harassment and bullying, including informal and formal resolution options available.

Contact an officer

You can discuss any concern or problem with one of the trained Contact Officers listed below. This discussion does not commit you to further action and, within legal constraints, is confidential.

Townsville Campus

Callers from outside JCU, please add the prefix 07 478.

Faculty/Division Name/Position Email Extension
Procurement Ms Jess Nielsen
Supervisor 14777
College Business, Law & Governance Ms Kerry Russo
Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching 14590
College of Science, Technology & Engineering Dr Rosalie Hocking
Senior Lecturer, 
Matter and Materials 14453
College of Business, Law & Governance Ms Kerrie Mellick, Admin Assistant 14527
Division of Tropical Environment & Societies Mrs Helen Collingwood
Administrative Officer, 
Curriculum Management 14182
College of Marine & Environmental Science Dr Sue Bandaranaike
Adjunct Lecturer, Earth & Environmental Sciences 14561
Division of Global Strategy & Engagement Mr Damien Watson
Alumni & Community Development Officer 15486
Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Centre Mrs Toni Peachey
Executive Support Officer 14114

Cairns Campus

Callers from outside JCU, please add the prefix 07 423.

Faculty/Division Name/Position Email Extension
Division of Tropical Environments & Societies Mrs Sue Kelly
Manager, Laboratories and Technical Support 21456
IT Services and Support Mrs Margo Dean
IT Service Delivery Officer 21561

Last update: July 2017