Safety and Wellbeing Report an incident of sexual misconduct

Report an incident of sexual misconduct

For emergency situations that require immediate and urgent assistance including Police, Fire Service or Ambulance:  Call 000

University Security is available 24/7 for on-campus help or to report any incident or behaviour:

  • Townsville – phone 4781 5555 or 1800 675 559
  • Cairns – phone 4232 1293 or 0419 677 874

Any person can speak to a Sexual Misconduct Officer to report an incident of sexual harassment or sexual assault to JCU.

Alternatively, a Sexual Misconduct Report form (PDF, 151 KB) can be completed by any person who has been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault, or by any first responder, bystander, staff or student of the University.

The completed form can be emailed to, or, if you want to remain anonymous you can post to:

Chief of Staff
James Cook University
1 James Cook Drive
Townsville  QLD  4810

Sexual Misconduct Officers

Sexual Misconduct Officers provide a single point of contact at JCU for a person who has been subject to Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, or to the manager or person supporting that person. Sexual Misconduct Officers will assist people to access support that is required.

Chief of Staff
Vanessa Cannon, (07) 4781 4078


Manager, Student Equity and Wellbeing
Larissa Siliezar, (07) 4781 4538


Diversity and Equity Consultant, HR
Damian Dunne, (07) 4232 1136

Alternatively, you can contact a Student Misconduct Officer at

Who can make a report

You can:

Report an incident that you have been subjected to. You are able to, but do not have to, identify yourself or the other people involved in the incident. You are able to provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable to share.

Report an incident that someone has confidentially disclosed to you, (that is, you are a first responder). You must NOT identify the person who disclosed to you unless you have their consent.

Report an incident that you are aware of through other means, for example, you were a bystander, or have been made aware of indirectly, (such as sexual harassment that happened to someone else in a lecture that you attended, or a sexual assault being shared on social media) you can provide details in this form without approaching or contacting the people who are directly impacted or involved.

What will happen to the report

Reports will be used to track incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault impacting on JCU staff and students – and, if the identity and contact details of the person subjected to the harassment or assault are known, to facilitate information provision and support.

Making a Report is not the same as making a Complaint. A Complaint may involve an investigation, and University disciplinary processes may be taken against a Respondent. Sexual Misconduct Officers can advise and provide options about making a  Complaint as set out in the Sexual Harassment Procedure, and Sexual Assault Procedures.

The University will act in line with the wishes of the person who has been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault (if identified), except in exceptional and very limited circumstances, for example, where there is an immediate and serious risk to others. Please note, if the person who is the victim/survivor is under 18 years of age, JCU has legal mandatory reporting obligations, please contact a Sexual Misconduct Officer for immediate advice.

The Report will only be accessed by the Sexual Misconduct Officers. Information provided in this form will be confidentially managed, stored and archived in accordance with JCU’s Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy, Record Management and Information Privacy Policies.