Report an Incident

Safety and Wellbeing Report an Incident

Report an Incident

James Cook University seeks to ensure a safe and secure environment for all staff, students and visitors, and to provide an emergency response to any notified emergency situation.

If you have been assaulted and can not or are not willing to go to the nearest hospital emergency department, please call:

  • Townsville Sexual Assault Service (07) 4775 7555
  • Cairns Sexual Assault Service (07) 4031 3590

If you are not in Townsville or Cairns, call:

If you feel immediately threatened or have an urgent incident you wish to report please:  

Call Emergency Services

For emergency situations that require immediate and urgent assistance including Police, Fire Service or Ambulance:

  • Call 000 (on external or mobile phones)
  • or Call 0000 (on internal JCU phones)

The following JCU Services are available to you to report an incident:

University Security

University Security is available 24/7 for on-the-spot help or to report any incident or behaviour, we will also follow up with police and emergency services if necessary.

  • Townsville, phone 4781 5555 or 1800 675 559
  • Cairns, phone 4232 1293 or 0419 677 874

Report all security incidents as early as possible to the Security Office or a Security Officer. Any emailed reports should be sent to (for Townsville) or (for Cairns).

If at all unsure, please call the Security general enquiries 4781 6000.

If your situation is immediately life-threatening or urgent, always call 000 first.

Student Equity and Wellbeing Services

You may feel more comfortable reporting an incident to our counselling staff. They may also assist with a variety of issues including discrimination and harassment, bullying, or managing anxiety, depression and stress.

Staff can provide assistance, advice and referrals to other services if appropriate to ensure you get all the support you need.

Further information

Remember – all reports to Security or our Student Equity and Wellbeing staff remain confidential. You can report an incident to any JCU staff member and they will ensure that you are supported with information and referral as appropriate.

Information (flyer) for staff supporting students who have experienced sexual assault

Information (flyer) for students who have experienced sexual assault

Staff First Responders Form (staff login required)

If you want information about making a formal complaint please visit Feedback and Complaints