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JCU Respect Academic Facilitators

JCU Respect workshops provides staff, colleagues and students information about respectful relationships, bystander behaviour and the prevention of, and how to respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Workshops are delivered by JCU Respect Academic Facilitators Dr Peter Jones, Dr Nicole Stott-Whiting and Dr Chris Pam, and is lead by Professor Deb Miles.

Professor Debra Miles

Debra is committed to social justice, inclusion and collaboration. She has professional experience as a social worker in child protection, family violence and the disability sector, regional communities across northern Australia.

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Dr Peter Jones

Peter is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Human Services at JCU with over 20 years experience in social work education, research and practice. Peter has a particular interest in the application of transformative learning.

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Photo of Dr Nicole Stott-Whiting

Dr Nicole Stott-Whiting

Nicole is a social worker with over 20 years experience in family and relationship counselling, strategic management, clinical supervision, and working with adolescents and young adults. She is the Principal of Saints Catholic College at JCU.

Photo of Dr Chris Pam

Dr Chris Pam

Chris is an anthropologist with expertise in community understandings of climate change in the Pacific. Chris teaches in the social sciences at JCU. She believes it is critical to facilitate open discussions in order to create change.