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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favours or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances.  

Sexual harassment is unlawful when it falls within the relevant statutory definition under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) and/or the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth). Indecent exposure and stalking are criminal behaviours.

Examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Displays of sexually graphic materials including posters, cartoons or messages left on noticeboards, desks or common areas
  • Repeated invitations to develop a closer or intimate relationship after prior refusal
  • Unwelcome and uncalled for remarks or insinuations about a person's sex or private life
  • Comments of a sexually suggestive nature about a person's appearance or body
  • Sexually offensive phone calls
  • Offensive emails and text messages of a sexual nature
  • Unwanted sexual attention using internet, social networking sites and mobile phones
  • Sexually offensive screensavers or posters
  • A publication, such as sexually offensive emails or graphics
  • Threats online of a sexual nature
  • Revenge porn
  • Sexual propositions
  • Indecent exposure
  • Stalking
  • Pressuring a student or staff member to engage in sexual behaviour for some educational or employment benefit, or
  • Making a real or perceived threat that rejecting sexual behaviour will carry a negative consequence for the student in education, accommodation, or University programme or activity.

Sexual harassment is not interaction, flirtation or friendship which is mutual or consensual.

The following resource provides guidance if you are supporting someone who has been sexually harassed.

Guidelines for responding to disclosures of sexual harassment

Anyone can report incidents of sexual harassment to JCU.

Support is available to guide you through this process. Sexual Misconduct Officers provide a single point of contact at JCU for a person who has been subject to Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, or to the manager or person supporting that person.

Sexual Misconduct Officers will assist people to access support and/or make a Report or Complaint in line with the JCU Sexual Harassment Procedure (PDF, 182 KB).

For information about additional support services, visit the support services page.

Anyone can report incidents of sexual harassment to the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland

The following resources will provide guidance if you have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Guidance for staff accused of sexual misconduct

Guidance for students accused of sexual misconduct