Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any unwelcomed behaviour of a sexual nature that makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and which a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances, would have anticipated the possibility that the person would be offended, humiliated or intimidated.

Sexual harassment does not have to be repeated or ongoing to be against the law.

For further information, please see the Australian Human Rights Commission’s webpage on Sexual Harassment:

What is sexual harassment?

Examples of sexual harassment include:

  • uninvited touching, kisses or embraces
  • smutty jokes or comments in the workplace or the classroom
  • making promises or threats in return for sexual favours
  • repeated invitations to go out, especially after prior refusal
  • "flashing" or sexual gestures
  • sex based insults, taunts, teasing or name-calling
  • unwelcome physical contact
  • touching or fiddling with a person's clothing e.g. lifting up skirts, flicking bra straps
  • requests for sex
  • sexually explicit conversation
  • offensive phone calls or messages to your mobile phone, social networking websites, emails or SMS/MMS communications.
  • stalking

What is not considered sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is not interaction, flirtation or friendship which is mutual or consensual.

What can you do if you believe you have been sexually harassed?

  • Get support
  • Know your rights
  • Decide on a course of action
  • Record the behaviour
  • Report the behaviour
  • Depending on context, you may decide to try and resolve the situation by talking to the person

For further information and support services visit JCU Staff Equity or JCU Student Support.

You can find support and information about what you can do by contacting  JCU Counselling or an Equity Contact Officer.

To make a report to JCU, contact JCU’s Student Equity and Wellbeing or an Equity Contact Officer. Further information is available here.

Sexual harassment can be reported to the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

If you are in immediate danger call 000. For 24 hour assistance for your personal safety on campus, contact JCU Campus Security:

  • In Townsville phone 4781 5555 or 1800 675 559
  • In Cairns phone 4232 1293 or 0419 677 874