Scholarships Forms, Links & Policies

Forms, Links and Policies

Coursework Scholarship Application
Only to be used as indicated on the specific scholarship.

Coursework Scholarship Applications with Financial Circumstances
Only to be used as indicated on the specific scholarship.

QCoal Scholarship Application
Only to be used when applying for QCoal Foundation Scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarship Acceptance form - this is only used when accepting a Commonwealth Indigenous Scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarship ongoing eligibility

The only scholarships that require this form to be completed are Commonwealth Scholarships that were awarded before 2017 as below

If you receive one of the scholarships below (or have deferred), you will be sent an email reminder in February and in June each semester to complete the Commonwealth Scholarship Ongoing Form


Value per semester for 2020
(index linked each year)

Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships (ICECS)


Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships (ICAS)


Please refer to the Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines for awards between 2012 and 2016

If you were awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship during 2017 only.

You must meet the following Ongoing Eligibility criteria:

  • Enrolled full time (9 credit points)
  • have passed all subjects in each semester (Min. GPA 4.0)

The scholarship office will assess your eligibility after census date of SP1 and SP2 and contact you only if you do not meet the above criteria.

JCU Access Fund Acceptance form
Only to be used for accepting an offer of a JCU Access Fund scholarship or bursary.

If you need to submit or update your bank details to receive Scholarship, Prize or other payments.

Bank Details Form for payment