Conference Program

Conference Program (1st Draft - Subject to Change)

Wednesday (September 7, 2016)            



Start End
6:30pm 8:30pm WELCOME RECEPTION  

Thursday (September 8, 2016)            




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9am 10am

KEYNOTE - Assoc/Prof Nigel Taylor:

How humans adapt to exercising and working in the tropics                    

MORNING TEA (Foyer) 10 am - 10.30am
10:30am 11:30am

KEYNOTE - Dr Olivier Girard: 

Neuro-mechanical adaptations to environmental stress in team sports                    

11:30am 12:30pm

Invited - Dr Matt Brearley:

Preliminary evidence of a heat hangover, a new heat illness classification for occupational settings?                    


LUNCH (Foyer) 12:30pm - 1.30pm
1:30pm 3pm

Free Oral Presentations 1

  1. Nicholas Ravanelli: The influence of aerobic training on maximum skin wettedness
    and its effects during uncompensable heat stress.                        
  2. Frank Marino: Short time trial
    performance of trained and untrained men in two environmental conditions.                       
  3. Jared Coleman‐Stark: Dose‐response effects of ambient temperature on resistance training outcomes in elite weightlifters.                   
  4. Rachel Gale: Effect of short‐term heat training on
    intermittent running performance in a temperate environment in team sport players.
  5. Naroa Etxebarria: Dissociation between physiological and perceptual markers in
    short‐term heat training: a case study.

Free Oral Presentations 2

  1. Alison Fogarty: Optimising work capacity during air force operations in extreme heat.                                        
  2. Mohamad Haiyum: The metabolic and cardiovascular demands of Singapore firefighting
    breathing apparatus proficiency test.                       
  3. Mike Climstein: Lifetime prevalence of nonmelanoma
    and melanoma skin cancer in Australia surfers.                       
  4. Terry Engelberg: Crime in the
    Tropics: Is sport part of the solution, or part of the problem?                          
  5. Patrick Miniti: Teaching
    physical education with locally available materials.
AFTERNOON TEA (Foyer) 3pm - 3.30pm
3:30pm 4:30pm

JCU‐Sport and Exercise Science Research  

  1. Leesa Pearce: Officiating role influences the physical match activity profiles of rugby league touch judges and referees. 
  2. Carl Woods: TBD
  3. Sarah Gaudion: TBD  
  4. Kenji Doma: Comparison of muscle damage‐induced running performance outcomes
    between thermo‐neutral and hot/humid conditions. 
  5. Anthony Leicht: TBD   

Invited - Assoc/Prof Ian Stewart:

Assessing hydration status in occupational athletes: challenges faced and lessons learnt                    

4:30pm 5pm  

Friday (September 9, 2016)            




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9am 10am

KEYNOTE - Prof Craig Crandall:

Thermoregulation in healthy and diseased/injured humans                    

MORNING TEA (Foyer) 10am - 10.30am
10:30am 11:30pm

KEYNOTE - Assoc/Prof Rod Pope: 

Training for tactical operations in tropical environments: challenges, risks, and strategies for risk management                    

11:30am 12:30pm

Invited - Dr Ollie Jay:

Assessing and understanding thermoregulatory impairments in specific populations                    

Invited - Dr Mohammed Ihsan:

Cooling Interventions for exercise in the tropics: enhancing performance, recovery and physiological adaptations                    

LUNCH (Foyer) 12:30pm - 1.30pm
1:30pm 2:30pm

Free Oral Presentations 3

  1. Georgia Chaseling: Cold fluid ingestion extends exercise capacity of heat-sensitive individuals with Multiple Sclerosis in a warm environment.                        
  2. Jacinta Saldaris: The effect of crushed ice ingestion on endurance performance and cognitive function in hot and humid conditions.                          
  3. Matthew Zimmermann: Crushed ice ingestion does not improve female cycling time trial performance in the heat.                        
  4. Grant Landers: Caffeinated ice slushy enhances endurance cycle performance in hot, humid conditions.                        

Free Oral Presentations 4

  1. Samuel Chalmers: Short‐term heat acclimation and the lactate threshold.                       
  2. Jemma Preece: Thermal effect of topical menthol on short duration cycling performance in the heat.                     
  3. Kahlia Perry/Clare Goss: Effect of Kinesio Tape on thermoregulation during submaximal cycling: a pilot study.                       
  4. Lee Taylor: Pre‐match and half‐time‐cooling on simulated soccer
    (iSPT) performance at 30oC. 
2:30pm 3:30pm

Invited - Prof David Pyne:

Effects of heat on sports performance                    

Invited - Dr Andrew Hunt:

Military training in hot environments: identifying future directions to enhance individual health and physical performance                    

AFTERNOON TEA (Foyer) 3pm - 3.30pm
4pm 4:30pm

KEYNOTE PANEL - Assoc/Prof Nigel Taylor, Dr Olivier Girard,  Prof Craig Crandall, Assoc/Prof Rod Pope:  

The FUTURE          

4:30pm 5:00pm Awards and Closing address  
GALA DINNER 6.30pm - Late