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  1. Language – an open book - Jun 2017

    How Gender Shapes the World, by Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald, examines the multi-faceted notion of gender. ... The Tropical Languages and Cultures Documentation Laboratory aims to counteract that, ”Professor Aikhenvald said.

  2. Helping the Aussie Hmong language survive - Oct 2020

    Professors Alexandra Aikhenvald, Professor RMW Dixon from JCU, and Associate Professor Nerida Jarkey from the University of Sydney have received nearly $500, 000 in Australian Research Council Linkage funding for the ... We’ll be doing a systematic

  3. JCU's Research Leaders - Research and Teaching

    Research Leaders. JCU is Australia's leading research university with a focus on the tropics. Our world renowned research leaders are highly recognised and have made and continue to make an exceptional contribution to their field or discipline.

  4. LCRC - 2020 / 2019 News

    Congratulations! Dr Junwei Bai - A Grammar of Munya. Advisory Panel: Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald, Professor Robert Dixon and Doctor Simon Overall. ... In his capacity as a Partner Investigator of the ARC DP 'The integration of language and society'

  5. JCU two join elite of researchers - Jan 2015

    Professor Hughes is one of the world’s leading reef scientists while Professor Aikhenvald is acknowledged internationally as a distinguished ethno-linguist, ”Professor Cocklin said. ... Professor Aikhenvald is a research leader at JCU’s Cairns

  6. Dr     Nathan White -      Research Portfolio

    Dr Nathan White - Research Portfolio

    Dr Nathan M. White has worked for nearly a decade with the Hmong diaspora community with a focus on applied natural language processing-based methods of linguistic analysis of an under-documented, low-resource language with origins in Southeast Asia.

  7. Why we need our mother language

    Sasha Aikhenvald has spent years in the rainforests of Brazil and Papua New Guinea to preserve and protect spoken, but undocumented languages|Sasha Aikhenvald has spent years in the rainforests of Brazil and Papua New Guinea to preserve and

  8. Local language celebrated

    James Cook University is celebrating the publication of three volumes devoted to Dyirbal, one of the original languages of northern Queensland. Each of the volumes includes documentation of the Dyirbal language by renowned linguist R.M.W.

  9. 2013Bulletin_revised PDF (792k)

    Who'll be at LCRC in 2013. Distinguished Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald is Australian Laureate Fellow and Director of LCRC. ... He is a member of the International Consultative Board of LCRC and a Partner Investigator on the ARC DP 'How languages differ,

  10. LCRC 2018 Bulletin PDF (751k)

    PO Box 6811, Cairns, North Queensland, 4870, Australia Director: Distinguished Professor A.Y.Aikhenvald; Deputy-Director: Professor R.M.W. ... Dixon. Bulletin — February 2018. The Language and


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