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  1. Prof   Alexandra Aikhenvald -      Research Portfolio

    Prof Alexandra Aikhenvald - Research Portfolio

    When Distinguished Professor Sasha Aikhenvald was working in the East Sepik province of New Guinea she was fascinated to discover that the asset most prized by the people of the province was their name. In East Sepik, her name was important and

  2. Papua New Guinea activities with Distinguished Professor Alexandria…

    Aikhenvald with the assistance of Pauline Luma Laki and Jacklyn Yuamali Benji Ala. ... Volume 1 of Traditional stories in Manambu (2013), by Alexandra Aikhenvald and Pauline Luma Laki.

  3. Talk by Sasha Aikhenvald - Zoom meeting

    Talk by Sasha Aikhenvald - Zoom meeting. Dear friends, prezados amigos e parentes. ... Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, PhD, DLitt, FQAAS, FAHA. Distinguished Professor and Australian Laureate Fellow.

  4. The languages of well being Aikhenvald

    The languages of well being Aikhenvald. The languages of well-being: A view from the Pacific. ... This recording is a plenary presentation by Distinguished Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald at Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Language, Health and

  5. Prof   Robert Dixon -      Research Portfolio

    Prof Robert Dixon - Research Portfolio

    From R. M. W. Dixon, I am a linguist, Brill, leiden, 201L

  6. People

    People. International Consultative Board. Professor Carol Genetti (University of California, Santa Barbara). Professor Lourens De Vries (University of Amsterdam). Professor Anna Storch (University of Cologne). Dr René van den Berg (SIL

  7. JCU's Research Leaders

    Research Leaders. JCU is Australia's leading research university with a focus on the tropics. Our world renowned research leaders are highly recognised and have made and continue to make an exceptional contribution to their field or discipline.

  8. Language – an open book

    How Gender Shapes the World, by Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald, examines the multi-faceted notion of gender. ... The Tropical Languages and Cultures Documentation Laboratory aims to counteract that, ”Professor Aikhenvald said.

  9. Resource Material

    GENDERS AND CLASSIFIERS: A CROSS-LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY. By Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and Elena I. ... Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. 2016. How gender shapes the world. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 320p.

  10. People & Projects

    People &Projects. Prof Alexandra Aikhenvald. Director. Building D3, Cairns Campus. Telephone: 61 (07) 4232 1117. ... James Cook University, PO Box 6811, Cairns, Queensland 4870, Australia.


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