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  1. Time to act on maths science in schools - Jan 2015

    Contact: Prof Peter Ridd, head of discipline Physics, JCU School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. ... 07 4781 5629, 0497 900035. Issued: October 15, 2013.

  2. Weed terminator to get sharper eyes - May 2017

    JCU’s Professor Peter Ridd said invasive plant species pose a serious threat to Australia’s natural environment and account for around 15 per cent of flora across the country. ... Professor Ridd said that the results of the work could be applied to

  3. Marine Geophysics Laboratory - About Us

    Borne of the research interests of Professor Peter Ridd, the laboratory is now active in both research and consulting.

  4. Fission for a safe new energy source - Jan 2015

    Professor Peter Ridd, Head of the School of Physics at JCU, will present a lecture this week (March 15) on nuclear energy, as part of a new Public Lecture Series being ... Professor Ridd’s lecture, titled The Fukushima Nuclear Incident, reanalysis of

  5. High school maths and science under scrutiny - Jan 2015

    24). Organised by Professor Peter Ridd from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, the meeting is for parents, teachers and academics in relation to the Queensland Studies Authority syllabi and ... This is not fair to students from

  6. Prof   John Ginger -      Research Portfolio

    Prof John Ginger - Research Portfolio

    Dr John Ginger is the Research Director of the Cyclone Testing Station, at James Cook University in Townsville.  He has been involved in research, testing and consulting in wind engineering since 1987. 

  7. Tropical Archaeology Research Laboratory - Publications

    TARL Publications. 2022. Oxenham, MF, A. Willis [JCU Staff], L.C. Nguyen and H. Matsumura in press Hunter-gatherer mortuary variability in Vietnam. In C. Higham and K. Nguyen (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Southeast Asian Archaeology. Oxford: Oxford

  8. Dr     David Henderson -      Research Portfolio

    Dr David Henderson - Research Portfolio

    David is the Director of the Cyclone Testing Station in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at James Cook University. Prior to his appointment as Director, David was the CTS Research Fellow. During this period he was seconded as a

  9. JCU hits 'em for six - Jan 2015

    Rhondda Jones, Mr Patrick Peacock, Professor Peter Ridd, Ms Clair Stark and Mr Justin Sexton.

  10. A/PROF Nathan Waltham -      Research Portfolio

    A/PROF Nathan Waltham - Research Portfolio

    I have a deep interest in coastal landscape ecology and processes, in particular, urban ecology.  To achieve this requires cooperation and integration from a multidisciplinary team of scientists, managers and policy makers. 


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