Staff Employee Assistance Program - Townsville Floods

Employee Assistance Program - Townsville Floods

We understand this is a stressful and emotional time for many staff.  Benestar has various tools available to assist, ranging from a mental health and wellness portal on their website, providing professional counselling via phone on 1300 360 364 to emergency onsite support. This service is free, professional, independent and confidential.

JCU will be offering a confidential, face-to-face counselling service through Benestar for staff in Townsville.

Available Dates: Monday to Wednesday (11th - 13th Feb)
Times: 9am to 5pm
Location: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Building 18, room 103

Please be assured that the counselling sessions are strictly confidential. To make an appointment, please either call Damian Dunne, Staff Diversity and Equity Consultant on 0436 645 630 or drop in to building 18, room 103.

While we understand that this is a difficult time, we ask that you remain in contact with your Head of Work Unit if you need to discuss your individual circumstances.