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What's New for 2023

As of 2023 there have been a number of updates to exam processes and procedures, and this page has been created to better support Academic staff to identify the key changes that may impact you throughout your teaching period.

Changes  for Academic Staff

End of Semester Formal Examinations

The Exams team will continue to manage Formal, End of Semester examinations and will request Exam information from the Subject Coordinators direct.  Some colleges may already be familiar with this process and already have access to the Examinations Management System, Databee.

What does this mean for you?

If your exam requests/information was previously managed by your Academic Services team and requested via email, then please review the information below.  If you already have access to, and use Databee, the process will remain the same.

Formal Exam Request Training Documents (updated)

The formal exam request portal known as Databee has been updated to accommodate the new terminology and duration availabilities and we have provided updated Training videos and screen shots in the Exams Resources for Staff to better prepare you to enter your exam requests. Please do note, this process on average takes around 5mins per exam request in Databee.

When the portal is open for you to submit your Exam Request detail, you will receive an email from the exams team providing the link.

This function may be new to several Subject Coordinators (having previously been completed by ASO Teams.)

We can offer a variety of support options :

  • ZOOM sessions, either for individuals or groups
  • Call (07) 478 14246
  • Email -
  • Face to face
  • Training videos/screen shots

Our aim is to ensure this process is  easy, streamlined and  time efficient for you , so please contact us .

Changes to Exams Procedures

The Examinations Procedure has now been separated in to two different documents

The key changes to consider are listed below:

  • Change to available durations
    • 3.1.3 Except for Practical and Oral Exams, duration must be selected from the approved durations (in minutes) of 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, and 200.
  • Past terminology of “open book, closed book and restricted book” is no longer in use, and has been replaced with the below:
    • No Materials allowed – students are not allowed to bring any materials into the exam room (including dictionaries, calculators) except standard stationary, i.e., pen/pencil.
    • Restricted Materials allowed – students can bring only the materials listed which could include specific book titles, calculators, dictionary and must be specified in the request.
    • Any Materials allowed – no materials need to be listed in this section.
  • It is now a procedural requirement that Subject Coordinators prepare two exam papers (a main and a supp/def) papers and submit to the Exams Team prior to the formal exams period.
  • It is now a procedural requirement that both exam papers be approved by either the Academic Head of Discipline or College Dean. It is expected that this be completed by the Subject Coordinator before submitting papers to the Exams Team.
  • For exams hosted on LearnJCU, it is now a procedural requirement that the Subject Coordinator take responsibility for ensuring the examination is uploaded to LearnJCU a minimum of two weeks prior to the exam.

Please note: The Exams and Graduation Unit will be carrying out a settings audit for all online exams.  The Subject Coordinator or Examiner is responsible for ensuring that the Examination is uploaded to the LearnJCU Subject site two weeks before the commencement of the Examination.

Changes to AccessAbility Mid-Term On-Campus Exams 

The AccessAbility Services Team will continue to provide support to students studying with documented disabilities and will manage this process from registration through to the development of an access plan.

As of 2023, the Examinations and Graduations Team will now take on the responsibility for facilitating all on-campus mid term/on course examinations for AccessAbility registered students, to ensure any approved accommodations are provided to the student. Please refer to the Mid Term Adjustments for AccessAbility Students

Special Consideration Process

Please refer to  the Student  Special Circumstances Policy and procedures