Day 1: 8 July 2019

Session 1

8.30am  Welcome and general information
8.45am  Introduction and objectives of the network (Hurriyet Babacan) 
9.00am  Presentation by Australian Government (Australia Now program – youth and smart cities)
9.20am  Presentation of key findings from Agri-food supply chain logistics report (Alice Woodhead)
9.40am  Panel:  Key themes and issues - Chair:  Prof Allan Dale

  • Consumer trends and nutrition in 5 to 10 years/ market research as scene setting (Murdock Uni)
  • Australian Logistics Council (TBC)
  • Pamela Forshage, Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc (TBC)
  • High Commissioner (TBC)
  • Indonesian Food and Drink Importers and Exporters Association (TBC)

10.40 am  Morning tea

Industry led sessions
Session 2

11.00am  Barriers to Food, Logistics and Technology for Small to Medium Enterprises - Chair:   Dr Jonathan Chea (TBC), Co- Chair: Prof Hurriyet Babacan, JCU
11.20am  Dr Jonathan Chea, Singapore Singapore Food Manufacturers Association
12.00pm  Feedback to plenary

12.45pm  Lunch

Session 3
1.30pm  Packaging - Chair: Mrs Varna Sudasna (TBC), Co-Chair Dr Jacob Wood, CITBA
1.50pm  Mrs Varna Sudasna, Manager, Packaging Program, SCG Packaging Excellence Training Centre, Thailand
2.35pm  Feedback to plenary

3pm    Afternoon tea

Session 4

3.30pm  Traceability Chair  Cik Nor Aini Abudllah (TBC),   Co-Chair Phil Adams
3.50pm  Cik Nor Aini Abdullah , Malaysian Food Manufacturing Group
4.30pm  Feedback to plenary
5.00pm  Sum up for the day

Day 2: 9 July 2019 

8.45am  Introduction & recap  Prof Hurriyet Babacan

Session 5

9.00am  Technology  - Chair: Mr Anus Jain, Co-Chair Matthew Tan –Oceanus Tech
9.20am  Mr Anus Jain, SproutFish Pty Ltd
10.00am   Feedback to plenary 
10.30am  Morning tea

Session 6 

Facilitated by Prof Hurriyet Babacan
11.00am Principles for the network
12.00pm  Terms of Reference for the Network (including membership)

12.30pm  Lunch

Session 7  

Facilitated by Prof Hurriyet Babacan 
1.30pm  Briefing from each country on what is happening and how are they positioning themselves in relation to Food, Technology and Logistics
2.00pm  Discussion on what other similar networks are currently active and in this space in other countries
2.30pm  Action Plan and next steps
3.15pm  Afternoon tea