Is life getting better?

Mostly, at least for one species, and at least for now.

The trends identified in the 2014 State of the Tropics assessment illustrate the tropical region's central importance to the world's future. While it documents notable improvements across a range of social and economic measures, it highlights persisting social inequalities and increasing pressures on the natural environment. What cannot be ignored is the inextricable link between natural systems and human health, well-being and prosperity. Decisions made in the region now will affect economics, development and the environment on a global scale for a long time to come.

By taking a unique perspective from within the tropics, by and for the people that live in the region, and acknowledging the critical need to balance ongoing development and human wellbeing with environmental sustainability, State of the Tropics provides a base camp for the long but increasingly achievable climb to a more prosperous global future

- Professor Sandra Harding, Convenor, State of the Tropics Project

For more current information on the project visit the State of the Tropics website.