Sexual and Gender Diversity at JCU

At JCU we want you to feel welcome, safe and included. We recognise that celebrating and supporting diversity is about shared respect and inclusive thinking.

Sexual and gender diversity

People identifying as sexual and gender diverse often face discrimination, bullying or violence and experience much higher incidents of mental health issues as a result. It is important that all students are supported to be themselves, and know where and when to seek further help.

Support and building connections

JCU Student Equity and Wellbeing works collaboratively with Student Services, JCU Student Association, JCU Pride Alliance and community support services to ensure students who identify as being sexually and gender diverse are supported. We can provide referral to internal and external services, including the JCU Ally Network. We can also help if you are concerned about another student or a friend.

Information sheets

Gender diversity: planning your transition (PDF, 70 KB)

Supporting gender diversity at JCU: information for staff and students (PDF, 75 KB)

External services

For information about external support services, please see Useful Websites and refer to "Sexual and gender diversity".