Student Services Directorate Functions and Services

Student Services Directorate about SSD Functions and Services

Student Services Directorate (SSD) is the University’s central unit responsible for the management and coordination of a wide range of student and academic functions and support services:

Director's Office

  • Strategy and planning

  • Facilitating quality improvements identified through feedback, complaints and conduct matters

  • Student and academic policy

  • Student Services Staff Development Program

  • Budget oversight

Student Complaints Unit

  • Student complaints and appeals; liaison with Student Advocacy Service

  • Student misconduct – academic and other

Student Enquiries

Prospective and Current Students - Tier 1 enquiries (telephone, in-person, email, mail, social media) for Student Centre across both campuses - more than 100,000 enquiries annually, with more than 120,000 student contacts.

  • Student and staff ID cards

  • Academic Transcripts and AHEGS

  • Payment receipting

  • Enrolment Help Service

  • Participate in key marketing events

  • Parents and Partners Information Session

  • Maintaining student personal files (TRIM)

  • Distribute incoming documentation to relevant areas

Divisional Enrolment Teams

Prospective and current student – Tier 2 enquiries.

Admission and enrolment management:

  • Exercise delegations for student enrolment matters, in accordance with the Enrolments Delegations register and University policy and action decisions:

    • Change of course, major, minor

    • Advanced standing, using precedent database

    • Variation to a study plan

    • Leave of absence

    • Subject overload

    • Extension of maximum time to complete

    • Requisite waivers

    • Course completions, including exit awards

    • Ratification of results, amended results

    • Academic Progression, including assessment of statement of reasons and approve academic status and monitor enrolment conditions

    • Verify eligibility for academic medals, prizes and class of honours

  • Intervention plans for international students on conditional enrolment

  • Study plan advice and maintenance including JCUS, JCUB and BJUT

  • Confirm eligibility for professional registration

  • Advice to Admissions on assessor guidelines and applications

  • Student Grievances

  • Assist with resolution of student grievances

  • Member and secretariat support for subject result review committee

  • Review decisions and provide supporting information for Appeal Panels

  • Attend and contribute to key marketing events

Communication and Conversion

  • Student Bulletin

  • Management of Current Students Website

  • Web content for SSD pages on Current Students and New Student website

  • ‘Ask Us’ Knowledge Database

  • Official student communications, eg. bulk emails

  • Course enrolment planners

  • Slideshows in Student Centres

  • Conversion strategies for domestic coursework students to maximise the number of prospective students converting to enrolled students

Associate Enrolments

  • Process monitoring, reporting, escalation, quality control

  • Procedural documentation and review

  • Liaison with and support for JCU Brisbane, Singapore and BJUT all areas

  • Secretariat support for JCU Brisbane and Singapore Enrolment Operational meetings, Inter-campus Mobility Operational meetings and Operations and Client Service Management meetings

  • Transactional work eg. post census variations

  • Support development of business requirements for Inter-campus Mobility

  • Support development of business requirements to provide additional SMS functionality to JCU Brisbane and Singapore – eg course upgrade, course transfer, advanced standing etc.

Enrolments and Fees (Student Finance and Compliance)

  • Manage the invoicing and collection of domestic and international student fees and charges for all students enrolled through JCU’s onshore campuses (this includes JCUB students and flexible delivery students), applying prudent but fair and equitable debt management techniques.

  • Ensure the University is compliant with legislation (HESA, ESOS, Qld Archives) and University Policy and external reporting obligations in relation to student enrolment and the configuration, charging and collection of student fees and charges.

  • Assess and process domestic and international student requests for refunds and withdrawals without financial penalty for all students enrolled through JCU’s onshore campuses.

  • Manage the invoicing of JCU’s associates (RHE, BJUT) including JCU Singapore, for the management fees associated with student enrolment at these locations.

  • Assess and process applications for internal and external sponsorship of tuition fees.

  • Ensure accounting standards are met through monthly reconciliations of all financial accounts, and annual recognition of accrued receivables and liabilities.

  • Oversee the integrity of student fees, data and records.

  • Monitor and provide support for students’ progress through online acceptance of offer process.

  • Coordinate and communicate the online enrolment process for new and continuing students.

  • Provide a centralised administration service to support enrolment changes throughout the student life-cycle, including the investigation and correction of student enrolment issues.

  • Provide financial assistance and advice to students through the provision of scholarships, student loans, payment plans and the various HELP loan schemes (HECS, FEE, SA, OS-HELP).

  • Coordinate the establishment of new JCU scholarships and ensure transparent and equitable selection and administration processes.

  • Coordinate communication to students regarding enrolment, fees and scholarships, including participation in key marketing events.

  • Secretariat support for the Student Fees and Charges Advisory Committee, Access Scholarships Committee and other individual scholarship selection committees

Domestic Admissions

  • QTAC liaison and member of QTAC Forum

  • QTAC admissions

  • Direct domestic admissions (postgraduate and TAC)

  • Pathway and entry requirement advice to prospective students and guidance officers

  • Coordination of articulations and maintenance of credit calculator

International Admissions

  • International admissions in line with ESOS, National Code, Department of Immigration and Border Protection and other state and government legislation.

  • Liaise with International Student Entry Standards Committee

  • Working with Student Recruitment to improve conversion

  • Hobsons Australia liaison – international offer to acceptance conversion.

Examinations and Progressions

  • Coordination of centrally administered examinations (Study Periods 1 and 2) and flexible delivery examinations for the smaller study periods

  • Conduct of examinations for other institutions (fee for service)

  • Results processing

  • Processing applications for deferred and supplementary examinations

  • Processing requests for review of final subject grade

  • Academic progression

  • Prizes and medals

  • Course completions

  • Academic misconduct


  • Curriculum management (quality and integrity), governance/approval processes and dissemination of curriculum information

  • Curriculum compliance with and providing advice on and information for relevant University policies, legislation and Government reporting requirements

  • System configuration of Course and Subject information in the Student Management System and CSDB

  • Production of University Student Handbook

  • JCU course information for external publications e.g. Australian Course Information Register (ACIR), Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) and the My University website.

  • Academic and study period Calendars

Student Systems

Responsible for the support, implementation, administration and maintenance of the following core University systems:

  • TechnologyOne Student Management System (SMS, eStudent, eAcademic, eApplications)

  • Oracle RightNow (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System

  • QuantumIT Student Placement System (InPlace)

  • CSDB (Coursework Subject Database)

  • Interfaces to other core systems such as FinOne, Blackboard, Library, Identity Management System, Research Systems, TRIM, etc. There are currently 59 interfaces to and from SMS.

The team also supports a number of smaller systems:

  • Subject Search

  • GetStarted

  • ClassLists

  • Syllabus Plus Exam Scheduler

  • Id Card Print system

  • CiBIS (Credit Calculator)

  • Students Online