Student Services Directorate

Student Services Directorate Student Services Directorate

Curriculum Information Management Section (CIMS)


CIMS provides advice on the University’s curriculum policies, and manages their integration with approvals, amendment, data maintenance and publication, as follows:

  • Develop and maintain calendar information

  • Coordinate Course and Subject Approval Process

  • Maintain Curriculum Data in SMS, including:

    • Curriculum reference data (COS codes, ORGUs, liability categories, FOEs, alternate course codes)

    • Courses, majors, choice boxes & subjects details and structures/templates

    • Requisites, study package text

    • Version Control, global replacements

    • Course & subject availabilities (including overrides, exchange & independent studies subjects)

    • Annual update of fee levels on course availabilities

  • Maintain Curriculum Data in CSDB

  • Provide Course and Subject Information via:

    • Internal – Course and Subject Information Management (CASIM) website

    • Public – Course and Subject Handbook website

    • External – Publications