Student Services Directorate

Student Services Directorate Student Services Directorate

Enrolments and Fees

The major responsibilities of this area include:

  • Continuous business process improvement of all enrolment, student finance, scholarship and student loan functions.

  • Compliance with legislation such as Higher Education Support Act (HESA), ESOS

  • Development and Review of university policy relating to the areas of Student Finance, Enrolments, Scholarships and Loans.

  • Data validation and reporting to DEEWR


  • Coordination and administration of the student enrolment processes of admission to courses and course transfers

  • Coordination of online enrolment processing including provision of Enrolment Help Sessions to assist students with the enrolment process.

  • Trouble shooting enrolment matters and post census date adjustments.

  • Web Content manager - enrolment information for students and staff.

  • HESA training for University staff

Student Finance

  • Fee configuration within the Student Management System; fee integrity checking

  • Web Content manager – student finance information for students and staff.

  • International and Domestic Student debt management

  • Administer requests for Remissions of debt, re-credit of Student Learning Entitlement (SLE) and refund of credit balances.

  • Administration of HECS HELP and FEE-HELP schemes.

  • Administration of internal tuition fee sponsorships.

  • Invoicing and debt management for JCU Associates and external sponsors.

  • Secretariat – Student Fees and Charges Advisory Committee.

Scholarships and Loans

  • Administration of Commonwealth and other JCU Scholarships.

  • Secretariat – Commonwealth Scholarship Selection Committee

  • Administration of Student Loans

  • Administration of OS-HELP scheme