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Deferred and supplementary exams for SP1 & SP2

Deferred exam (ED)

If you are unable to sit your exam/s on the scheduled date due to extenuating circumstances, you may submit an Application for Deferred Exam within three business days from the scheduled date/s of the exam/s you are seeking to defer. Business days are considered Monday to Friday.

You will be advised of the outcome of your Application for Deferred Examination by email within five business days of submitting your application provided your application is submitted in full. It may take longer to receive an outcome if you are requested to provide additional supporting documentation or if your application is referred to the relevant Subject Coordinator/s for endorsement.

If your application is approved, you will receive an ED result for the approved subject/s at the relevant result release date. Contact Exams ( if you have received an ED result but did not apply for a deferred examination.

Supplementary exam/assignment (NSE) or (NSA)

You will receive an NSE or NSA grade if you were close to passing a subject. This means you have been granted a supplementary exam or Supplementary Assignment NSA, which provides you with another chance to pass the subject. However, you must pass the supplementary exam/assignment to achieve an overall pass for the subject.

Results from a supplementary exam are:

  • SP (supplementary pass)
  • SS (supplementary pass in an ungraded subject)
  • SU (supplementary fail in an ungraded subject)

Timetable for deferred and supplementary exams

You can view the dates for supplementary and deferred exams on the Academic Calendar.

Your personal exam timetable for supplementary/deferred exams will be available via StudentsOnline after the results are released for Study Period 1 and Study Period 2.

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