Demolition Project - Building 21 & 35

Students Documents Demolition Project - Building 21 & 35

As of Monday 09 October 2017, demolition works will commence on Building 21. The project is planned to be completed by 30 January 2018.

No mechanical demolition will take place during official exam period as per Teaching Period 2 Calendar from 4 November to 17 November 2017.

Fencing of the site will commence on Friday 6th October.

The existing service road on the south side of Building 21 and the carpark on the eastern side will be closed off for the duration of the demolition project.

Asbestos products and hazardous goods will be removed from the building before the majority of the demolition takes place.  The asbestos and hazardous goods removal work will be conducted by a licensed asbestos removal company and a licensed hazardous goods company and supervised by an occupational hygienist that will conduct air monitoring to confirm that controls are working.

The recycling target of demolition waste for this project is required to be above 80%. The demolition contractors are aiming for a higher target of over 90%.

The site plan attached details the approximate location of the fenced construction zone.

Estate Directorate apologise for any inconvenience this may cause while the demolition work is being carried out.