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Select a Course

Using the Search Criteria
Understanding the Search Results

Using the Search Criteria

If you accessed Online Applications through JCU’s Courses and Degrees web pages, you will probably find the course you wish to apply for is already displayed as a pre-selected study package.

Screenshot showing pre-selected course example.

If you wish to search for a different course or there is no course details matching your needs, there are two options for searching – firstly you must click on the Search for other Courses tab.

If you know the name of your course enter details into the box displaying ‘Hi there, what are you searching for? (enter course details here)’. Alternatively you can enter a keyword e.g. accounting. You may wish to refine your search further by completing the following steps:

  1. Select a Location using the dropdown list e.g. Townsville

  2. Select the year you wish to study e.g. 2012

  3. Select a Load Category e.g. full time or part time

  4. Select a Attendance Mode e.g. external

  5. Click on the Search button

Screenshot showing Search for other Courses Example

Understanding the Search Results

Depending on the search conducted the search results may show a large number of options. We recommend you either narrow your search or review the options as follows:

Screenshot to demonstrate how to understand search results.


Determine the year you wish to commence your course.


Determine the location (campus) you wish to study at.

Study Period

JCU has two application periods:

First Half Year Intake - if you wish to commence your course in the first half of a calendar year then select First Half Year Intake.

Second Half Year Intake - if you wish to commence your course in the second half of a calendar year then select Second Half Year Intake.

Liability Category

This determines the fees payable once you have commenced your course.


If you occupy a Commonwealth supported place, the Australian Government will pay part of your fees directly to JCU. This means that your upfront fees will be less, these payments are called 'student contributions'. You can also choose to defer these student contribution amounts through HECS-HELP.

The ability to request a Commonwealth Supported place is limited with postgraduate courses.


Students pay this fee when they are not eligible for a Commonwealth supported place or if they choose to enrol as a tuition fee paying student. Some tuition fees are tax deductible; whereas student contributions for Commonwealth supported places are not tax deductible. Eligible students can also defer their tuition fees through FEE-HELP.

Load Category

You can elect to study full time or part time. You can change this at any time during your course.

Attendance Mode

The attendance mode of a course defines how the course is studied. The options for attendance modes are:

INTERNAL - Courses offered via internal mode require regular attendance at classes over most weeks of a study period and are usually held on campus.

EXTERNAL - Courses offered via external mode are offered via flexible delivery and require no or minimal on-campus attendance for classes.

For more help:

Student Centre - Cairns or Townsville
JCU Singapore
AskUs - 24/7 online enquiry system