Change course (postgraduate)

There are different processes for changing your course depending on the type of student you are and where you are in your course. Use the information below to guide you, if you need more help contact the Student Centre.

Steps to apply

Changing from one postgraduate program to another postgraduate program
If you are currently studying a postgraduate program at JCU and want to change to another JCU postgraduate program, apply via eStudent > My Course Applications.

Current undergraduate students

If you are offered or admitted to an undergraduate course and want to undertake a postgraduate program, you apply via our courses and degrees website. Find the course you want to apply for, check the prerequisites and follow the steps to apply.

New postgraduate students

You need to apply via our courses and degrees website . Find the course you want to apply for, check the prerequisites and follow the steps to apply.

Closing dates

31 January: Study Period 1 courses
30 June: Study Period 2 courses

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application to change course is unsuccessful, you will be advised by your Divisional Enrolment Team and you will remain enrolled in your current course.  

If you are not sure you want to continue in your course you can apply for a formal leave of absence. Taking a leave of absence means you are taking a break from your studies, but you still remain a JCU student.

If you don't want to continue your current course, email your withdrawal request and the reason for withdrawing to your Divisional Enrolment Team using your JCU email address. You will also need to withdraw from any future enrolled subjects through eStudent. Do this before the census dates to avoid any financial penalties.

More questions?

Go to Ask Us – there are more than 1000 commonly asked questions and answers available 24/7. The top course transfer questions include:

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How will I find out if my request for an course transfer has been approved?
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Can I apply for a course transfer if the program does not offer mid-year intake?

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