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Information for University Hall Residents

This information will be updated regularly as more details become available.

  • While the Pop Up services are no longer based in the Student Centre, we're still here for you via our usual locations and contact mediums. If you need assistance contacting the Cashier or Insurance, please contact the Student Centre to be pointed in the right direction.
    IT Help Desk
    Counselling and Wellbeing 
  • If you are a University Hall resident and international student and have specific questions or need additional assistance, you can contact International Student Support on 1800 754 185 or visit us in the Student Centre.
  • Please also ensure you regularly check your student email and the University Hall Facebook page for updates. Facebook Groups have been set up for information specific to each accommodation (eg UniHall Cowboys House; UniHall Saints etc). Please ask your RA's for help if you haven't already joined your group.
  • Students may wish to consider utilising our security escort service when on campus after dark, especially as you’re moving around areas of campus you may not be as familiar with. This is available by calling the Security Control Room (4781 6000) and is a service that is available year round, not just during incident recovery or the major study periods.
  • Thank you to everyone who donated items to our students following the fire. The support has been overwhelmingly generous and at this stage we are unable to accept anything further.

What about my stuff?

  • Please back up your computers and other devices. They may seem like they are working fine but electronics exposed to heat, smoke or water are likely to fail in the future. IT Support is available in the Student Centre on campus (building 134). Your JCU Office 365 includes OneDrive for file storage.
  • The Chief of Staff emailed all affected students additional information about the insurance process and time frames on Thursday April 11, 2019. Please contact The Student Centre if you didn't receive the email.

What about my studies?

  • The academic colleges are aware of the incident. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your subject coordinator. There are some JCU policies and procedures that can assist students with things like special consideration for exam marking etc.
  • You can find out more here.

Looking after yourself (and each other)

Please don’t forget the JCU Student Wellbeing Service offers free and confidential counselling support to students all year round - not just during a disaster or the study period. They are based in the Library (first floor) and can be contacted by phone on 47814711 or via email.

JCU's Multifaith Chaplain also provides spiritual and companionship support for students.