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Update personal details

Most of your personal details can be updated online. It's important these details up-to-date so you receive all important JCU information. You must maintain the following details:

Phone details
Citizenship/residency status
Permanent home residential address
Semester residential address
Preferred mailing address
Emergency contact details

You can also add a temporary address if you want to. Some students do this if they are going on holidays during semester break.

NOTE: As a visa requirement, international students are required to provide a semester residential address as soon as possible after arrival.

Change your address, email or phone details

  • Log into eStudent

  • Click on My Details

  • Follow the prompts to update your details.

Change your name

  • Complete a change of personal details form

  • Attach appropriate supporting certified documentation (such as a certified copy of a birth certificate or marriage certificate)

  • Ensure your formal name is correct as this is how it appears on your Graduation Certificate (testamur).

  • Completed forms and documentation should be submitted to the address indicated on the form

Change your citizenship or residency status

  • Complete a change of personal details form

  • Attach a certified copy of your citizenship certificate or a copy of your Immigration Grant Notification

  • Return paperwork to the Student Centre

  • If you are currently a Commonwealth supported student or will become one after your change of status, you must submit a new Request for Commonwealth assistance form on eStudent. Do this immediately after your change of status has been processed. (Commonwealth support will only apply to subjects where the Census Date has not yet passed.)

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