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Applications made on compassionate or emergency grounds

Applications for special consideration on compassionate or emergency grounds in relation to an exam may be granted in serious personal circumstances such as:

  • the death or serious illness of a close family member
  • a severe disruption to a relationship or domestic arrangements
  • significant and unexpected employment problems or pressures that cannot be changed
  • being the victim of a disruptive crime
  • being involved in an accident.

Supporting evidence

Supporting evidence for these applications would depend on the situation, but examples might include a bereavement/funeral notice, a letter from an employer, professional or practitioner on letterhead, a copy of an accident report or a police incident report. Any documentation provided must be an original or a certified copy of an original.

In some circumstances where it is difficult to obtain documentary evidence, for example, relationship problems or divorce proceedings, it may be appropriate to submit a Statutory Declaration, stating the facts on which the application relies. The Statutory Declaration must be witnessed by a person who is not a relative. A Justice of the Peace is an appropriate person to witness a Statutory Declaration.

JCU Counsellors are generally not able to provide a recommendation for an application based on compassionate grounds unless you have seen them prior to applying for special consideration.

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