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Applications made on psychological grounds

If you are applying for a deferred exam or special consideration on psychological grounds in relation to an exam, your supporting evidence must include:

  • An original recommendation (or certified copy) on letterhead from a qualified professional/practitioner, such as a counsellor, psychologist, mental health worker, psychiatrist or General Practitioner. The document must include the full name and signature of the practitioner together with contact details of the practitioner or the medical practice. It must also state:
    • The date on which the practitioner examined you
    • The nature, severity and duration of the psychological condition
    • The practitioner's opinion regarding the impact of the psychological condition on your performance/ability to sit an exam on the date concerned, as applicable.
    • In your application form you must draw a connection between the psychological condition and its effect on your performance in/ability to sit each exam covered by your application.
  • Any documentation you request will be the expert opinion of the practitioner, based on the evidence provided by you and in light of their professional training/knowledge/experience.

Please note the following points:

  • A practitioner may be unable to provide you with a written recommendation in support of your application.
  • It is is easier for a practitioner to make an assessment and provide support for your application for special consideration or a deferred exam if you have previously visited the practitioner for assistance. If you are a new client, it can be very difficult for the practitioner to recommend special consideration, as they will not have background information and/or knowledge of your situation.
  • Practitioners at the JCU Counselling Service are generally not able to provide a recommendation for an application based on psychological grounds unless you have been an ongoing client for a period of time prior to applying for special consideration or a deferred exam.
  • In circumstances where there has been a recent unplanned or unexpected event, condition or circumstance, and you are unable to source a recommendation from a practitioner externally, then a JCU Counselling Service practitioner may provide a recommendation. As part of their assessment they will want to see any available documentation that you have relevant to your circumstances.
  • A practitioner's recommendation is only a request to the examiner to take relevant psychological factors (emotional distress and/or mental health issues) into account in making a decision about granting special consideration or a deferred exam. The practitioner does not make any decisions regarding your application, but provides written recommendation for the express purpose of assisting academic staff to make an academic judgement.
  • When deciding whether or not to support a student’s case, any or all of the following may be considered: the presenting issue, mental health status including assessment, previous case notes, academic record/performance during semester, documentation provided by the student, and information provided by others.

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