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Grounds and evidence for special consideration and deferred exams

When you submit an application for special consideration in exam marking, or an application to seek approval to sit a deferred exam, you are requesting the University to:

  • make  special allowances for the circumstances you have outlined, and

  • to give you an opportunity that other students sitting the final exam won’t have.

The University must balance your request with its obligation to ensure that methods of assessment are equitable for all students enrolled in a subject.

For this reason, the University will only consider your application if it clearly shows:

  • the reasons why you are applying

  • the grounds (medical, psychological, compassionate or Defence Force obligations) for the University to consider your application and

  • documented evidence to support your case.

In assessing your application, the college and division will take into account:

  • the severity of the unexpected circumstance and the impact on your performance

  • the nature of the assessment in which your performance was affected

  • your academic performance in other elements of the subject

  • any relevant university rules.

Grounds for applying

For information about the different application grounds and evidence required, refer to these pages:

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