Current Students Exams & Results Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

Exams start times are 8.15 am and 1.15 pm. Students should arrive at the room at least 10-15 minutes prior to these times. Allow plenty of time to find the room if you have not attended the room previously and to ensure that you find a car park.

From 2019, free and permit parking is available. Parking will move from permit stickers to vPermit, with options available for casual paid parking. Find out more about where to park and how to pay for parking on the Townsville Campus Parking 2019 information page.

What do I need to know about my exam?

Note the following exam conditions:

  • Photo ID must be brought to the room.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the room, except for a bottle of water in a clear bottle with no labels.
  • Only materials permitted on the front of the exam paper will be allowed into the room.

How do I find my exam room?

JCU Townsville is located in Douglas, approximately 20 minutes' drive from the CBD.

In the list below you can select your University name to find your exam timetable.

Each timetable includes the JCU room code for the exam. The first number indicates the building number, while the second number indicates the room. The first digit of the room number represents the floor of the building where the room is located. For example: Room 17-003 means Building 17, Room 003 which is the ground floor (Room 103 is on the first floor, Room 203 the second floor). Use our interactive campus map to find a building on campus.

Other information

If there is any discrepancy between the date and/or time shown below and your institution timetable, or your exam is not listed, please contact immediately for confirmation.

You are not required to confirm your attendance, however if you know you will be unable to attend your exam, 24-48 hour notice is appreciated.

Outside Institution Exams - Townsville

UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Charles Sturt UniversityACC10021/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityEHR22621/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityMCR10121/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY45821/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityBMS30621/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversitySTA20122/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversitySTA40122/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityBMS25522/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityMRS42622/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY42122/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityASC17123/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityBMS13023/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityEMM20923/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityHRT20223/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPHY107SX23/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY10123/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityBMS32423/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPHY29923/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY42223/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityASC22124/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityITC31324/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityITI58124/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityLAW11324/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityMGT23024/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSC10425/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityCHM10728/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityASC18228/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityCHM107-128/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversitySPH52828/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityASC27329/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityMTH10129/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityITC56029/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityITC54830/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSC36030/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY46430/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityITC20631/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Sturt UniversityPSY43731/10/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Federation UniversityENGIN250313/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Federation UniversityENGIN350315/11/20198:15 AM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Massey University17534331/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Massey University13430806/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Massey University17530211/11/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Swinburne OnlineACC3000509/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Swinburne OnlineMKT2002410/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Swinburne OnlineHRM1000311/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Swinburne OnlineFIN1000314/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Swinburne OnlineECO2000414/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Swinburne OnlineMKT2002514/10/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
University of New EnglandEDME14508/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW10108/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW101- DEFERRED08/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandCHEM11008/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW28208/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandPSYC20608/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW10009/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW100 - DEFERRED09/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandSTAT10009/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandSTAT27009/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW31209/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandECON10209/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandPSYC21309/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandAMTH24610/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandJAPN31210/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandMM20010/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandSOCY11010/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandAFM27510/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandAGRO10010/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandEDIT12410/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandAFM24211/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandBIOL12011/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandMM32011/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandPHYS20411/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandPSYC10211/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW15711/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandLING36311/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandCHEM10014/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandCOSC12014/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandCRIM39414/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandFREN20214/10/20198:15 AM17-053
University of New EnglandLAW32014/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandMM40314/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandPMTH21314/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandAFM10114/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandCHEM12014/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandHIST15114/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandJAPN20214/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandAFM10315/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandAGRO32115/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandECON34515/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW23215/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandMTHS11015/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandANPR32115/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandEXSC10115/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandPSYC47115/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandAFM23216/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandAMTH14016/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLAW25116/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandMM32416/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandPSIO12016/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandECON43516/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandEDLT30216/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandEDLT50016/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandCLLA20217/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandCOSC11017/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandECON20217/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandITAL30917/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandLING10217/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandNEUR33317/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandCOSC24017/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandGRMN10217/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandPHAR11017/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandPSYC30817/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandSCI10017/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandSOCY34517/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandECON37718/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandANCH11118/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandFREN201- DEFERRED18/10/20198:15 AM17-053
University of New EnglandHIST33518/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandJAPN30218/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandPEAC100 - DEFERRED18/10/20198:15 AM17-150
University of New EnglandANAT12018/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandBCHM22018/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandCLLA10218/10/20191:15 PM17-150
University of New EnglandECON33418/10/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Charles Darwin UniversityNUR24128/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversitySBI17228/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversityNUR25129/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversityNUR32930/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversityNUR23101/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversitySPE20901/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversityEMA10006/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Charles Darwin UniversityLWZ21207/11/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Queensland University of TechnologyLLB10701/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyPUN46501/11/20191:15 PM17-053
Queensland University of TechnologyLLB20404/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyLLB30605/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyLLB10606/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyPUP11606/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyLLB20507/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyLLH20608/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyLLH30511/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyNSN72311/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyCSN02412/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Queensland University of TechnologyPUN61712/11/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Murdoch UniversityMAS22511/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Murdoch UniversityVET60511/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Murdoch UniversitySUS10011/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Murdoch UniversityICT37412/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Murdoch UniversityPEN62012/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Murdoch UniversityICT31914/11/20191:15 PM17-150
Murdoch UniversityENV68018/11/20198:15 AM17-150
Murdoch UniversityICT28519/11/20191:15 PM17-150
UniversitySubjectDateTimeRoom code
Southern Cross UniversityECO1025008/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityISY0024308/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityCSC7300109/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityENG3001210/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityACC1070710/10/20198:15 AM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityCMP7100111/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityCMP7301015/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityFOR0010016/10/20191:15 PM17-150
Southern Cross UniversityISY1005818/10/20198:15 AM17-150