Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

Students Exams & Results Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

Exams start times are 8.15 am and 1.15 pm. Students should arrive at the room at least 10-15 minutes prior to these times. Allow plenty of time to find the room if you have not attended the room previously and to ensure that you find a car park.

Permit parking and free parking areas are clearly signed and you will be fined if you park in permit parking without a permit.

What do I need to know about my exam?

Note the following exam conditions:

  • Photo ID must be brought to the room.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the room, except for a bottle of water in a clear bottle with no labels.
  • Only materials permitted on the front of the exam paper will be allowed into the room.

How do I find my exam room?

In the list below you can click on your university name to find your exam timetable. Each timetable includes the room code for the exam. The first number indicates the building number, while the second number indicates the room. The first digit of the room number represents the floor of the building where the room is located (For example: 17-003 means building 17, room 003 which is the ground floor, room 103 would be the first floor, room 203 the second floor).

You can use our interactive map to help find the room for your exam. Use the map of the Townsville campus.

Other information

If your exam does not appear on the list email: for more information.

If you have been granted special needs adjustments by your university, email to receive alternative room allocations.


SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Athabasca University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Australian Catholic University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Charles Darwin University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
NUR24123/10/178:15 AM134-105
SBI26124/10/171:15 PM014-006
NUR25025/10/178:15 AM015-143
PMO20125/10/171:15 PM134-105
SBI17125/10/171:15 PM134-105
LWZ11826/10/178:15 AM134-105
LWZ32027/10/178:15 AM134-105
SPE20927/10/178:15 AM134-105
ENG14227/10/171:15 PM002-102
ENG17430/10/171:15 PM015-143
SBI20901/11/178:15 AM002-104
ENG34202/11/171:15 PM015-143
ENG42902/11/171:15 PM015-143

Charles Sturt University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
PSC10416/10/20178:15 AM134-105
MCR10117/10/20178:15 AM002-104
ITC21218/10/20178:15 AM015-143
EHR52218/10/20178:15 AM015-143
NRS12318/10/20171:15 PM014-006
ITE51418/10/20171:15 PM014-006
BMS22418/10/20171:15 PM014-006
ITC53819/10/20178:15 AM134-105
CHM213-119/10/20178:15 AM134-105
CHM21319/10/20171:15 PM015-143
NRS22119/10/20171:15 PM015-143
AGS10719/10/20171:15 PM015-143
MGI51219/10/20171:15 PM015-143
ITC558SX19/10/20171:15 PM015-143
EHR52419/10/20171:15 PM015-143
STA20120/10/20178:15 AM134-105
ITC51423/10/20178:15 AM134-105
ACC31123/10/20171:15 PM134-105
EHR52324/10/20178:15 AM002-104
PSY42524/10/20171:15 PM014-006
BIO11225/10/20178:15 AM015-143
EHR52525/10/20178:15 AM015-143
NRS311SX25/10/20171:15 PM134-105
BMS52325/10/20171:15 PM002-104
ITC54825/10/20171:15 PM134-105
PSY42126/10/20178:15 AM134-105
BIO32726/10/20171:15 PM015-143
BMS53626/10/20171:15 PM015-143
AGS32026/10/20171:15 PM015-143
APS30127/10/20178:15 AM134-105

Chartered Secretaries Australia

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

College of Law

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Central Queensland University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Curtin University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ENHL601014/11/20171:15 PM014-006
OCHS500014/11/20171:15 PM14-006
OCHS500615/11/20171:15 PM14-006
PUBH100015/11/20171:15 PM14-006
CMHL100017/11/20178:15 AM14-006
HUMB100020/11/20178:15 AM014-006

Edith Cowan University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
COU310513/11/20171:15 PM014-006
LAW461413/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSG234413/11/20178:15 AM014-006
ADS345814/11/20171:15 PM014-006
SCY110314/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSG120714/11/20178:15 AM014-006
SCY210714/11/20178:15 AM014-006
CSV110214/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSV311416/11/20171:15 PM014-006
PST611316/11/20178:15 AM014-006
CSG230520/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSV211620/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSG110221/11/20171:15 PM014-006
PSY330422/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSG110523/11/20171:15 PM015-143
PSY330323/11/20178:15 AM015-143
CSI320824/11/20171:15 PM015-143
CSI110124/11/20178:15 AM015-143
PSY335024/11/20178:15 AM015-143

Federation University Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code
MREGC500713/11/171:15 PM002-102 (alt)
MREGC500713/11/171:15 PM014-006
MREGC510314/11/178:15 AM002-102

Governance Institute of Australia Ltd

Subject Date Session Room Code
0217-RC14/11/171:15 PM014-006
0217-RMIP14/11/171:15 PM014-006
0217-CG14/11/171:15 PM014-006

Griffith University

Subject Date Session Room Code
1506NSC3/10/20171:15 PM014-006
8009NRS4/10/20171:15 PM134-105
3001CCJ5/10/20178:15 AM017-064
2004GIR6/10/20171:15 PM002-104
1001EHR9/10/20178:15 AM017-064
3522NSC9/10/20178:15 AM017-064
8010NRS9/10/20178:15 AM017-064
1510NSC9/10/20171:15 PM015-133
2000CCJ10/10/20171:15 PM014-006
3006IBA10/10/20171:15 PM014-006
2512NSC11/10/20178:15 AM014-006
3010CCJ11/10/20178:15 AM014-006
2020CCJ11/10/20171:15 PM142-022
3003CCJ12/10/20171:15 PM015-143

Heriot Watt University

Subject Date Session Room Code
A11ER AM15-143
A11ER14.12.168.15 AM15-143

Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code
ISL26313.02.171:15 PM027-004

Massey University

Subject Date Session Room Code
17510130/10/178:15 AM15-143

Monash University

Subject Date Session Room Code
CIV530902/11/20178:15 AM015-143
CIV588702/11/20178:15 AM015-143
MKF591202/11/20178:15 AM015-143
PAR544003/11/20178:15 AM015-143
CIV588403/11/20171:15 PM015-143
PAR548003/11/20171:15 PM015-143
PSY319006/11/20171:15 PM014-006
MKF574109/11/20171:15 PM014-006
PSY306210/11/20178:15 AM014-006
ATS282113/11/20171:15 PM014-006
ATS236914/11/20178:15 AM014-006
ATS289415/11/20171:15 PM014-006

Murdoch University

Subject Date Session Room Code
PEN62013/11/20171:15 PM14-006
POL22614/11/20178:15 AM14-006
POL16114/11/20171:15 PM14-006
PEN50415/11/20178:15 AM14-006
ENG52815/11/20171:15 PM14-006
BUS34916/11/20171:15 PM14-006
BAR15017/11/20171:15 PM14-006
PSY61220/11/20178:15 AM14-006
BUS29821/11/20178:15 AM14-006
POL24622/11/2017 8:15 AM014-006

Open Universities Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code

The Open University - UK

Subject Date Session Room Code
SM3587/06/178:15 AM14-006

The University of Adelaide

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available soon    

Queensland University of Technology

Subject Date Session Room Code
LLB10603/11/20178:15 AM015-143
NSN72203/11/20178:15 AM015-143
PUN46603/11/20178:15 AM015-143
JSB17607/11/20178:15 AM014-006
NSN43307/11/20178:15 AM014-006
JSB17808/11/20171:15 PM014-006
PUN36408/11/20178:15 AM014-006
LLB14209/11/20178:15 AM014-006
LLB30309/11/20171:15 PM014-006
JSB17410/11/20171:15 PM014-006
CSN02413/11/20178:15 AM014-006
LLH20613/11/20178:15 AM014-006
PUP25013/11/20171:15 PM014-006
LLB10214/11/20178:15 AM014-006
LLB24214/11/20178:15 AM014-006

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available soon   

Southern Cross University

Subject Date Session Room Code
NUT0021412/10/20178:15 AM002-104
ACC0014612/10/20171:15 PM015-143
BHS2000812/10/20171:15 PM015-143
ENS0020312/10/20171:15 PM015-143
MKT0072012/10/20171:15 PM015-143
CSC0024013/10/20178:15 AM015-143
BHS1100213/10/20171:15 PM002-104
MAT1072013/10/20171:15 PM002-104
ENG1000416/10/20178:15 AM134-105
ISY0024316/10/20178:15 AM134-105
MAT1071916/10/20171:15 PM002-104
BHS2000617/10/20178:15 AM002-104
MNG1071717/10/20178:15 AM002-104
MNG1071818/10/20178:15 AM015-143
BIO0120918/10/20171:15 PM014-006
CHE0020118/10/20171:15 PM014-006
BIO0020219/10/20178:15 AM134-105
ACC0014519/10/20171:15 PM015-143
ISY0024519/10/20171:15 PM015-143

Swinburne University

Subject Date Session Room Code
CRI2000111/010/171:15 PM142-022
STA2000612/10/178:15 AM002-104
PSY1000313/10/178:15 AM015-143

University of Newcastle

SubjectDateSession Room Code
HLSC120008/11/171:15 PM014-006
EPMATH23408/11/171:15 PM014-006
LING602009/11/171:15 PM014-006

University of New South Wales

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

University of Otago

SubjectDateSession Room Code
RELS30527/10/20178:15 AM134-105
RELS3263/11/20171:15 PM134-105

University of Queensland

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ANIM205406/11/171:15 PM14-006
ENVM750507/11/178:15 AM14-006
AGRC300607/11/171:15 PM14-006
OHSS100007/11/171:15 PM14-006
MRES700508/11/171:15 PM14-006
MRES700608/11/171:15 PM14-006
AGRC103109/11/171:15 PM027-001
AGRC201313/11/178:15 AM14-006
AGRC300215/11/171:15 PM14-006
ANIM205216/11/178:15 AM14-006
ANIM205216/11/178:15 AM027-001 (alt)
HORT300316/11/171:15 PM14-006

University of South Australia

SubjectDateSession Room Code
COML501506/11/20178:15 AM14-006
RADY501513/11/20178:15 AM14-006
NURS202214/11/20171:15 PM014-006
RADY501315/11/20171:15 PM014-006
RADY501617/11/20171:15 PM014-006

University of Southern Queensland

SubjectDateSession Room Code
LAW222323/10/178:15 AM002-104
ENV310523/10/171:15 PM002-104
STA230024/10/178:15 AM002-102
MGT200126/10/178:15 AM002-102
CIV350626/10/178:15 AM002-102
LAW222226/10/171:15 PM002-104
LAW332227/10/171:15 PM002-104
MEC120130/10/171:15 PM002-104
LAW313131/10/178:15 AM002-104

University of Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon   

University of Tasmania

SubjectDateSession Room Code
CAA60102/11/20178:15 AM015-143
CAA20202/11/20178:15 AM015-143
CAA31102/11/20178:15 AM015-143

University of Technology Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

University of Western Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

University of Wollongong

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ECTE91406/11/171:15 PM014-006
HAS 96110/11/171:15 PM027-004

Victoria University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
HHD41166/06/171:15 PM14-006
HBD21037/06/171:15 PM14-006