Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

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Non-JCU students sitting exams at JCU Townsville

Exams start times are 8.15 am and 1.15 pm. Students should arrive at the room at least 10-15 minutes prior to these times. Allow plenty of time to find the room if you have not attended the room previously and to ensure that you find a car park.

Permit parking and free parking areas are clearly signed and you will be fined if you park in permit parking without a permit.

What do I need to know about my exam?

Note the following exam conditions:

  • Photo ID must be brought to the room.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the room, except for a bottle of water in a clear bottle with no labels.
  • Only materials permitted on the front of the exam paper will be allowed into the room.

How do I find my exam room?

JCU Townsville is located in Douglas, approximately 20 minutes' drive from the CBD.

In the list below you can select your University name to find your exam timetable.

Each timetable includes the JCU room code for the exam. The first number indicates the building number, while the second number indicates the room. The first digit of the room number represents the floor of the building where the room is located. For example: Room 17-003 means Building 17, Room 003 which is the ground floor (Room 103 is on the first floor, Room 203 the second floor). Use our interactive campus map to find a building on campus.

Other information

If there is any discrepancy between the date and/or time shown below and your institution timetable, or your exam is not listed, please contact immediately for confirmation.

You are not required to confirm your attendance, however if you know you will be unable to attend your exam, 24-48 hour notice is appreciated.


SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Athabasca University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available Soon   

Australian Catholic University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Australian College of Applied Psychology

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available Soon   

Charles Darwin University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
NUR23105/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
SBI17105/06/20181:15 PM17-150
NUR25006/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
LWA32906/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
LWZ31607/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
NUR25108/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
SPE32008/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
SMA10112/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
SBI17212/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
SBE31112/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
SPE21013/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
SCH10413/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
SPE0514/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
ENV10214/06/2018 8:15 AM 17-150

Charles Sturt University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
BIO1004/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ACC1004/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ITC5064/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PSY1135/06/20188:15 AM17-150
VSC1125/06/20188:15 AM17-150
AHT2315/06/20181:15 PM17-150
NRS3115/06/20181:15 PM17-150
AGB3106/06/20188:15 AM17-053
ITC3226/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ITC5426/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MGT1006/06/20188:15 AM17-053
ASC1066/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BMS3086/06/20181:15 PM17-150
GEO5136/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ITE5266/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW1107/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MGT5507/06/20188:15 AM17-150
BCM2107/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ITC5617/06/20181:15 PM17-150
SPA4157/06/20181:15 PM17-150
HRM2108/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECO13012/06/20188:15 AM17-150
BMS29112/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MRS43412/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BIO20313/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSC41513/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BMS51114/06/20188:15 AM17-150

Chartered Secretaries Australia

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

College of Law

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Central Queensland University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

Curtin University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ACT100011/06/20181:15 PM17-150
OCHS500412/06/20181:15 PM17-150
MGMT100113/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECON100013/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BLAW501621/06/20181:15 PM17-150
FNCE500822/06/20181:15 PM17-150

Edith Cowan University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
PSY512812/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW320113/06/20188:15 AM 17-053
PSY110113/06/20188:15 AM17-053
CRI211514/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CSI210214/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
PST511014/06/20188:15 AM17-150
COU110114/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
PST510714/06/20181:15 PM17-150
COU310115/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
CSI320715/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
PST511115/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
SCY113018/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
CSV210919/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
PSY110220/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
SCY111820/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
PSY515021/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
UPU000222/06/20181:15 PM  17-150
COU201222/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
CSI201422/06/20181:15 PM 17-150

Federation University Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code
ITECH540212/06/20188:15 AM027-002
ENGIN100214/06/20181:15 PM17-150

Governance Institute of Australia Ltd

Subject Date Session Room Code
0118-CG12/06/20181:15 PM 17-150

Griffith University

Subject Date Session Room Code
2663NRS12/06/20181:15 PM17-150
1008CCJ13/06/20188:15 AM17-150
1006HSV14/06/20181:15 PM17-150
2002CCJ14/06/20181:15 PM17-150
1010HSV18/06/20188:15 AM17-150
1012CCJ18/06/20188:15 AM17-150
2008EHR18/06/20188:15 AM17-150
3144IBA18/06/20188:15 AM17-150
7131LAW18/06/20188:15 AM002-102
7132LAW19/06/20188:15 AM002-102
1015HSV19/06/20181:15 PM17-150
3513NSC19/06/20181:15 PM17-150
1013CCJ20/06/20181:15 PM17-150
3015CCJ21/06/20181:15 PM17-150

Heriot Watt University

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available Soon   

Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available soon   

Massey University

Subject Date Session Room Code
14910011/06/20188:15 AM17-150
11511512/06/20188:15 AM17-150
17520319/06/20188:15 AM17-150

Monash University

Subject Date Session Room Code
PSY30414/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PDM6005/06/20188:15 AM17-053
PAR54506/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PAR54207/06/20188:15 AM17-150
SON40007/06/20181:15 PM17-150
SON40108/06/20181:15 PM17-150

Murdoch University

Subject Date Session Room Code
POL19212/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PEN50218/06/20188:15 AM134-130
IND10120/06/20188:15 AM17-150

Open Polytechnic

Subject Date Session Room Code
7130512/06/20188:15 AM17-150

Open Universities Australia

Subject Date Session Room Code
ACG1128/05/20188:15 AM17-150
ACG1228/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ11328/05/20188:15 AM17-150
EHR20528/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ2028/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CPT33028/05/20188:15 AM17-150
PSY2001628/05/20188:15 AM17-150
ACG3128/05/20188:15 AM17-150
URP50528/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ2328/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CCJ1928/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CPT25028/05/20181:15 PM17-150
EHR10128/05/20181:15 PM17-150
BLW2128/05/20181:15 PM17-150
ENR10128/05/20181:15 PM17-150
BLW1428/05/20181:15 PM17-150
FNP2129/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ3829/05/20188:15 AM17-150
AFE13529/05/20188:15 AM17-150
STA1000329/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CPT23029/05/20188:15 AM17-150
ACG3629/05/20188:15 AM17-150
MAS11029/05/20188:15 AM17-150
EHR20229/05/20181:15 PM17-150
BAN2329/05/20181:15 PM17-150
POL34529/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CCJ1829/05/20181:15 PM17-150
PSY2000729/05/20181:15 PM17-150
BLW37029/05/20181:15 PM17-150
ACC1000729/05/20181:15 PM17-150
PSY1000330/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ2230/05/20188:15 AM17-150
MKT23630/05/20188:15 AM17-150
ACG2430/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CPT22230/05/20188:15 AM17-150
PSY2000630/05/20188:15 AM17-150
GIR20430/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ3730/05/20188:15 AM17-150
BLW3230/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CPT12130/05/20188:15 AM17-150
MKT2002430/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ1230/05/20181:15 PM17-150
PSY3000830/05/20181:15 PM17-150
IBA11130/05/20181:15 PM17-150
SCI1630/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CPT31030/05/20181:15 PM17-150
LGM10030/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CPT11030/05/20181:15 PM17-150
URP50030/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CPT32330/05/20181:15 PM17-150
CCJ3931/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CCJ2731/05/20188:15 AM17-150
SCI1831/05/20188:15 AM17-150
CPT12031/05/20188:15 AM17-150
COD21431/05/20188:15 AM17-150
BLW20231/05/20188:15 AM17-150
ECO1131/05/20188:15 AM17-150

The Open University - UK

Subject Date Session Room Code
SMT3597/06/20181:15 PM17-150

The University of Adelaide

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available soon    

Queensland University of Technology

Subject Date Session Room Code
LLB10308/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
JSB25511/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
LLB10412/06/20188:15 AM 014-006
NSN72112/06/20188:15 AM 014-006
CSN02113/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
LLB10214/06/20181:15 PM 17-150
CSN02515/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
JSB18019/06/20181:15 PM 134-130
LLB20220/06/20188:15 AM 17-150
JSB27221/06/20188:15 AM 17-150

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)

Subject Date Session Room Code
QTAC19/05/201810:00 AM134-010

Southern Cross University

Subject Date Session Room Code
CHE000734/06/20181:15 PM17-150
CSC102144/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW001505/06/20188:15 AM17-053
ACC001306/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MAT107227/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CSC720017/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MNG102478/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MAT100028/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW001248/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BHS1100112/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW1000112/06/20181:15 PM17-150
GLY0020112/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BIO0020113/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MAT1025113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
FIN1071113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BIO0023213/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ENG1001015/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ISY0032415/06/20181:15 PM17-150

Swinburne University

Subject Date Session Room Code
CRI2000118/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSY1000518/06/20181:15 PM17-150

The Tax Institute

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ATL003 CTA2A12/06/20181:15 PM027-004

University of Newcastle

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon   

University of New England

SubjectDateSession Room Code
AFM31904/06/20188:15 AM17-150
EXSC21004/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW23104/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSYC10104/06/20181:15 PM17-150
MM40304/06/20181:15 PM17-150
EM53404/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW45504/06/20181:15 PM17-150
HIST11105/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECON10105/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CRIM10405/06/20188:15 AM17-150
FREN30305/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSYC20205/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW27205/06/20181:15 PM17-150
BIOL110 SP06/06/20188:15 AM17-150
SPAN20106/06/20188:15 AM17-150
QM46106/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MM33306/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW22006/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSYC36606/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW35806/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ANPR21106/06/20181:15 PM17-150
CRIM10007/06/20188:15 AM17-150
AFM21707/06/20188:15 AM17-150
AFM10107/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ZOOL32907/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PSYC30707/06/20181:15 PM17-150
MTHS11007/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW34007/06/20181:15 PM17-150
EXSC36007/06/20181:15 PM17-150
COSC57007/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PSYC20008/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MM11008/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW28108/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MM22108/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ECON37108/06/20181:15 PM17-150
CHEM11008/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ANCH31508/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PA43512/06/20188:15 AM17-150
LAW31312/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSYC31412/06/20188:15 AM17-150
HIST15012/06/20188:15 AM17-150
QM16112/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECON52612/06/20188:15 AM17-150
COSC11012/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ZOOL22012/06/20188:15 AM17-150
EXSC34012/06/20181:15 PM17-150
GENE21012/06/20181:15 PM17-150
CLLA10112/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PSYC30912/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PSYC30413/06/20188:15 AM17-150
PSIO23013/06/20188:15 AM17-150
MM32213/06/20188:15 AM17-150
FREN10113/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECON40913/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CRIM34413/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ECON12113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ANCH11013/06/20181:15 PM17-150
LAW16113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
PHYS13113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
JAPN20113/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ZOOL21013/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ZOOL32614/06/20188:15 AM17-150
AFM30214/06/20188:15 AM17-150
SCI10014/06/20181:15 PM17-150
JAPN10114/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ECON35114/06/20181:15 PM17-150
AGRO21115/06/20188:15 AM17-150
BUS20215/06/20188:15 AM17-150
COSC54015/06/20188:15 AM17-150
STAT100 (SP)15/06/20188:15 AM17-150

University of New South Wales

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

University of Otago

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon   

University of Queensland

SubjectDateSession Room Code
ANIM700111/06/20181:15 PM027-002
AGRC102014/06/20188:15 AM17-150
AGRC102114/06/20181:15 PM17-150
AGRC102315/06/20188:15 AM17-150
ANIM101418/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CONS601718/06/20181:15 PM17-150
ANIM724018/06/20181:15 PM134-130
ENVM752421/06/20188:15 AM17-150

University of South Australia

SubjectDateSession Room Code
RADY501519/06/20181:15 PM17-150
RADY503019/06/20181:15 PM17-150
RADY501322/06/20181:15 PM17-150
COMP103922/06/20181:15 PM17-150

University of Southern Queensland

SubjectDateSession Room Code
CIV350512/06/20181:15 PM027-002
CSC240215/06/20181:15 PM027-002
CIV350618/06/20188:15 AM134-130
MAT100020/06/20188:15 AM134-130

University of Surrey

Subject Date Session Room Code
Available soon   

University of Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon   

University of Tasmania

SubjectDateSession Room Code
CAA310 BB12/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CAA310 PV14/06/20188:15 AM17-150
CAA20114/06/20188:15 AM17-150

University of Technology Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon    

University of Western Sydney

SubjectDateSession Room Code
40124918/06/20188:15 AM 17-150

University of Wollongong

SubjectDateSession Room Code
HAS 96214/06/20188:15 AM027-002

Victoria University

SubjectDateSession Room Code
Available soon