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Special requirements in exams

Special needs

If you have a temporary or permanent disability or condition that may affect your ability to undertake assessment or exams, you may be eligible to apply for special arrangements or ‘adjustments’. These include rest breaks, food and drink needs, appropriate seating or use of a laptop computer.

Please contact JCU’s AccessAbility Services as early as possible before your exam date to discuss your needs.

Students from non-English speaking backgrounds

Access to an English language dictionary

Check in your personal exam timetable in StudentsOnline to see if an English language dictionary is authorised for an exam. If it is, there will be a dictionary provided in your exam room, and you will be able to consult it by asking the exam supervisor to bring it to you. You cannot take your own English language dictionary into the exam room.

If an English dictionary is not authorised, this will be noted on your personal exam timetable.

Access to a bilingual translation dictionary

Non-English speakers may bring a bilingual translation dictionary during an exam provided it is listed as an authorised material for the exam. Check the authorised materials for each exam on your personal exam timetable, available through StudentsOnline.

If a bilingual translation dictionary is not authorised, this will be noted next to the subject, on your personal exam timetable.

Students with religious obligations

If you cannot sit an exam due to religious obligations, contact JCU’s Examinations Office immediately on (07) 4781 6309 or by email at

More information

Contact the JCU Student Centre.

See also the Student Access to a Dictionary During an Examination policy.