YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey

Information for Students

The YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey is an online survey instrument delivered to students via email and through the LearnJCU personalised login environment.

Each study period, students are invited to respond to survey questions about their subjects and teachers within a single survey process. The survey can be completed in one sitting, or partially completed and saved for follow up at a later date.

Located in the LearnJCU portal, the survey gives students a personalised, easy-to-use, secure and centralised survey for confidential feedback on subjects and teaching. The survey interface is supported on multiple devices, including desktop and laptop computers, portable devices and smartphones.

Why student feedback?

Student feedback is an important part of a reflective cycle of evaluating curriculum and teaching practices.

It is essential that students provide their university teachers with constructive feedback about their teaching, as well as the subjects they have studied. Only then can improvements and changes be implemented. The survey comments sections provides students with the opportunity to explain what did and didn't work well, and to suggest ways that the subject or teaching could be improved.

Survey components

The survey is a single online survey consisting of two sections, (1) the YourJCU Subject Survey, and (2) the YourJCU Teaching Survey.

Students have the opportunity to complete a survey for each subject they are enrolled in for the study period. At the end of each study period, JCU seeks students' feedback on the subjects they were enrolled in. The subject section is designed to gather information regarding students' experience of a subject, and includes six core questions, and up to two extra questions added to the survey by the subject coordinator. The subject section also allows students the opportunity to provide written comments about the best aspects of the subject and potential areas for improvement.

The teaching section of the survey gathers information regarding an individual staff member who taught in a surveyed subject. The section consists of five core questions and up to three extra questions added to the survey by the staff member being evaluated. Written comments are also sought. Only staff members who have requested feedback from students can be evaluated.

Students who are not sure if they were taught by a particular staff member may leave the teaching section blank for that staff member.

Before starting the survey, see Survey FAQs.