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SSA Fee rates for 2015

The SSA Fee is charged on the basis of study load. In 2015, the charge is $42.90 per 3 credit points, to a maximum of $286 per calendar year, other than students on an inbound Study Abroad Program and Research students (refer to clause 2.2.2 of the SSA Fee Policy for charging rates)

This means each time you enrol in a subject you will be charged $42.90 for a 3-credit-point subject or $85.80 for a 6-credit-point subject until you reach $286 in one calendar year.

Credit point value/enrolment and SSA Fee charge
3 credit points – $42.90
6 credit points – $85.80
9 credit points – $128.70
12 credit points – $171.60
15 credit points – $214.50
18 credit points – $257.40
21 credit points – $286.00
24 credit points – $286.00

Research students
To find out how the SSA Fee is calculated for HDR candidates, go to Student Services and Amenities Fee 2015 – research students.

The fee is calculated on all subject enrolments as at the census date of each study period or trimester. The SSA Fee is indexed annually.

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