JCU Timetable App

You can now load your personal class timetable to the calendar on your mobile device through the JCU Timetable App.

If you are a JCU student, once you have registered for classes, log into StudentsOnline where you can access your personal timetable link. (Staff should use staffonline)

Students: https://secure.jcu.edu.au/studentsonline/timetable

Staff: https://secure.jcu.edu.au/staffonline/timetable

Note: If you have not completed class registration, once the App is loaded your calendar may show all class options.

Using your mobile device, follow the instructions below to attach your JCU Timetable to your calendar, selecting the relevant option for your device.

Google calendar

For Google calendar (and for use on Android phones), you can only currently attach to a calendar within the web interface and not the phone application.

Step 1: select other calendars

Step 2: select 'add by URL'

Step 3: paste the Calendar URL provided on the Timetable Page on Student/Staff Online.

Step 4: once loaded, your timetable with show as a calendar.

Step 5: for sync with an Android phone, go into the Calendar app settings and find the calendar name, and enable Sync.

Office 365

For office 365, you can add both on the web client, and within the outlook client.  This document will describe how to add on the web client.

Step 1: login to your O365 mail and navigate to the calendar menu using the box in the top left hand corner.

Step 2: select the Add Calendar menu and then select From internet.

Step 3: copy the Calendar url from Staff/Students Online into the Link to Calendar text field, and also give the calendar a name then hit Save.

Step 4: once loaded, your calendar will appear in the “Other calendars” section.

Apple calendars

Step 1 - go to Settings.

Step 2 - go to Calendar and then Accounts.

Step 3 - go to Add Account and select Other.

Step 4 - select Add Subscribed Calendar.

Step 5 - in the Subscription screen paste your timetable URL in the Server field. The Description should be 'My JCU Timetable'. Turn on Use SSL.

Step 6 - make sure My JCU Timetable is ticked on show calendars menu.


Step 1: go to calendar

Step 2: open calendar from internet

Step 3: paste in the calendar address