How to avoid Plagiarism

JCU's The Learning Centre - Video Series - Why do people plagiarise?

Watch the video to learn why some people may engage in plagiarism

Steps to avoiding plagiarism

  1. Plan your work
  2. Acknowledge all sources:
    1. Use the correct referencing style for your discipline
    2. Learn the difference between a paraphrase and a quote
    3. Learn when to reference
    4. Include in text and end of text references
  3. Learn how to paraphrase efficiently and correctly
  4. Keep a reference / bibliographic list as you read
  5. Keep effective notes as you read
  6. Learn how to use EndNote
  7. Seek help if you are unsure:
    1. Visit the Peer Advice Desk
    2. Contact the Learning Centre for a consultation
    3. Contact a Librarian via the InfoHelp desk or Chat

Using the SafeAssign plagiarism checker

Watch the video to learn how to use the SafeAssign plagiarism checker for your assignments on LearnJCU