Booking an Appointment with a Learning Advisor

Are you looking for academic study support?

Learning Advisors can assist you with study skills. You can now book an appointment with an advisor though our online booking system. All appointments are 30 minutes long. Sessions are offered both on campus and remotely via video conferencing.

You can choose a Learning Advisor to work with by selecting them by campus (below). If you don't know which advisor to book you can submit a general booking request here.

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Ms Colleen Kaesehagen

Ms Colleen Kaesehagen
Learning Advisor (Study Skills, Maths and Science, Academic Writing)

Colleen can assist you with: Academic writing, study strategies, study planning, time management strategies, critical reading, studying for exams and any other general academic support you may require.

Booking Availability: Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm

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Mr Lyle Cleeland

Mr Lyle Cleeland

BA(SocSc), GDipEd(Sec), GCertTTL, MAAL, CELTA

Learning Advisor (Study Skills, Academic Writing, and English as an Additional Language)

Lyle can assist you with: study planning, academic writing, critical thinking and critical reading, language development, understanding assignment tasks, essay planning through to essay writing, stress management.

Booking Availability: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

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Ms Kellie Johns
Learning Advisor (Study Skills, English as an Additional Language, Postgraduate by Research)

Kellie can assist you with: developing academic language, planning and writing for postgraduate students.

Booking Availability:

For Coursework Students: Monday and Tuesday  10am to 4pm, and  Wednesday  10am to 12 noon.

For Research Candidates Wednesday 1pm to 4pm, Thursday and Friday 10 to 4pm.

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Mr James Dalitz

Mr James Dalitz
BSc, BEng, GDipEd(Secondary), GCertResMeth, MEDL

Learning Advisor (Study Skills, Maths and Science, Academic Writing)

James can assist you with: Mathematics and numeracy, science, academic skills.

Booking Availability: Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm

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Ms Maddie Bornschlegl

Ms Maddie Bornschlegl

BA(Ed), MSc(EdPsy), CertIV TESOL

Learning Advisor (Study Skills, Academic Writing and Maths)

Maddie can assist you with: study planning, unpacking and planning assignments, academic writing, maths, statistics and SPSS

Booking Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm to 7pm

*Maddie is only available for online consultations.

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Learning Advisor Services

Learning Advisors can help you to:

  • Plan your study time
  • Learn stress management strategies
  • Understand your subject outline
  • Understand your assignment requirements
  • Plan and structure an assignment
  • Develop academic reading and research skills
  • Work with you on your writing and building arguments
  • Give you feedback on your first assignments before you submit them
  • Develop numeracy skills (maths and statistics)
  • Prepare for exams
  • Help you understand your lecturer and tutor expectations and feedback

Learning Advisors:

  • do not teach course content
  • do not provide private tutoring
  • do not write your assessment for you
  • do not provide enrollment or subject selection advice. For this contact the JCU Student Centre.
  • your subject outline, assessment descriptor and rubric
  • your assignment or planning document

If it is an online meeting, please email the documents through before the session to the Learning Advisor.

Learning Advisor appointments are 30 minutes long. Sessions are offered both on campus and remotely via video conferencing.