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Learning in a Virtual Environment

Top tips for enhancing your learning in a virtual environment

Succeeding in an online learning environment is all about preparation.  The JCU Learning Centre encourages students to be proactive in the online learning space and has compiled a series of tips to enhance the experience.  You can also stay connected with more online learning strategies on the JCU Learning Centre FB page and JCU Learning Centre Twitter page.

Stay connected with peers using virtual communication and collaboration tools available to you free through your JCU account:

Use Office 365 to work fully online from anywhere.

Use Zoom to meet with other students and complete group work.

For group assignments share documents on OneDrive to work collaboratively on documents with others.

Stay connected with lecturing staff and email others regularly. Make sure you follow the email template for all communication.

Prepare for all online lectures as normal and attend all virtual classes.

For more study information visit our Getting Started page

Get more software help here

Familiarise yourself with the LearnJCU tools your lecturer will use:

Subject rooms (in LearnJCU with Collaborate)

Discussion boards

Class conversations

Use the LearnJCU help guides if you need assistance.

Create a daily and weekly study planner, and make sure you know when your virtual classes are scheduled and when assessments are due.

Make sure you balance study, work, social, and other activities.

Here are some great resources to help you manage your time effectively:

Managing your Time Effectively (PDF, 244 KB)

How to Create a Weekly Planner (PDF, 1468 KB)

Time Management (PDF, 42 KB)

Ask questions when participating in virtual classrooms. Seek support from your subject coordinator if you are having difficulty using technology or interacting with others.  Use the chat and ‘raise your hand’ function in Blackboard Collaborate. Use the online help guides.

Seek support if you are unsure or concerned. Ask your subject coordinator, tutor, ITHelpDesk, The Learning Centre or the Student Equity and Wellbeing Service.

If you need to learn how to use new software you can use LinkedIn Learning, an online education platform offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. This service is free to all JCU students.

Ask your peers for support and help them when they need it too.

Create a quiet and comfortable study space with good lighting, turn off your phone and limit distractions.

Update to the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Ensure you have access to a good quality microphone and use a computer, not a device, when participating in virtual classes.

Let others around you know when you are participating in a virtual class.

  • Enjoy learning in a different way.
  • Practice resilience strategies. If you're having difficulty with the technology, log off and try again.
  • Ask Us for help when needed.
  • You can also have a virtual meeting with a Learning Advisor if you need further assistance with study by contacting us here.