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Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offers a guaranteed hour of study while you are on campus, a great way to meet people in your subject and course, and a proven way to improve your marks!

Research shows students who attend PASS five or more times in a semester significantly increase their chances of passing.

What students like most about PASS

"Interacting; getting a different perspective; an opportunity to discuss [content] with peers."

"We just go over everything that's a bit confusing, and we go over it until we all understand completely!"

"Small groups and taking time to make sure everyone gets it."

"How much easier [my subject] is to understand. Without [PASS], I would be lost."

What is PASS?

PASS is a FREE academic support program for students. The highly successful program operates in universities across Australia and commenced at JCU in 2014 in selected subjects.

PASS provides a casual, friendly and active learning environment where students can work together to better understand the content and learning objectives for a subject. The study sessions focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with academic reasoning and study skills (how to learn).

Students who consistently attend PASS sessions are shown to attain higher results than those who do not participate.

Download the What is PASS? Flyer (PDF, 194 KB)

How can PASS help me?

Participating in PASS will help students to:

  • Improve marks and overall academic performance, especially when they attend 9 or more sessions
  • Save time because they will study more effectively
  • Understand subject content more deeply
  • Develop closer relationships with other students, and
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills

Which subjects have PASS sessions?

The following subjects will include PASS sessions during SP1, 2019.

Please visit the JCU Study Finder website for subject information.

SP,1 2019 TownsvilleSP1, 2019 CairnsSP1, 2019 External (PASS Online)
BM1000, TV1102  
BU1002, BU1902BU1002BU1002, BU1902
BU1003, BU1903BU1003BU1003, BU1903

When are PASS sessions held?

PASS generally commences in week 2 and you will be able to register for PASS through your subject’s LearnJCU site.

PASS timetables

Townsville and External timetable (DOCX, 54 KB)

Cairns timetable (PDF, 469 KB)

How do I register to attend PASS sessions?

It's never too late to join a PASS group. There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Register online through your subject site in LearnJCU
  • Sign up at any PASS session
  • Ask your lecturer or tutor for registration information
  • Contact a PASS Supervisor (see 'Where can I obtain further information?' below)

Where can I obtain further information?

Contact a PASS Supervisor:

Townsville Campus

Cairns Campus