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Services for Academic Staff

Learning Advisors play a pivotal role in fostering a collaborative approach to student engagement, success, and retention by providing targeted support to academic staff. With their expertise in pedagogy and student development, Learning Advisors work hand-in-hand with educators to enhance teaching methodologies, integrate academic skills, and to develop student literacy and numeracy.

Learning Advisors assist academic staff:

  • to improve literacy and numeracy in student cohorts
  • to integrate soft skills into the curriculum
  • to tailor their instructional strategies to diverse student needs and assessment requirements
  • to review student assessment designs
  • to create dynamic and inclusive learning environments that encourage active student participation and achievement
  • by offering insight into authentic and programmatic assessment techniques and feedback mechanisms
  • by sharing best practices and educational trends
  • by providing professional development in educational pedagogy

The collaboration between Learning Advisors and academic staff can contribute to higher student retention rates, improved academic performance, and a thriving educational community where every student feels valued and supported on their academic journey.

Integrated Learning refers to an educational approach that emphasises the interconnectedness of different subjects and disciplines with the academic and soft skills students need to succeed. It encourages students to engage with a range of skills within their discipline areas.

Our expert Learning Advisors work with subject specialists to provide guidance and assistance to students throughout their educational journey within their discipline areas. Learning Advisors play a crucial role in helping academic teaching staff integrate key numeracy and literacy milestones in their subject material.

Current examples include:

  • delivering numeracy assessment (PENA) based on subject content, evaluating PENA results, and formulating a sequence of data-informed numeracy support sessions
  • delivering integrated academic skills taught in subject tutorials throughout the semester
  • delivery of academic writing workshops introducing students to essay writing in the context of their assignment and follow up drop-in sessions for drafting

Teaching staff who would like to work with a Learning Advisor can email The Learning Centre here.

An Educational Enhancement Project is an initiative or program designed to improve and enhance the overall quality of education and learning experiences in a JCU subject or course.

Learning Advisors can provide assistance with subject review and material development to support student engagement and successful student outcomes. This may include:

Curriculum Development: Learning Advisors assist with updating and refining curriculum to ensure it aligns with current educational standards, incorporates emerging trends, and meets the needs of students and the job market.

Assessment Design: Learning Advisors assist with designing assessment which ensures student progress across the curriculum.

Overall, Educational Enhancement Projects aim to elevate the educational experience, promote student success, and cultivate a dynamic and forward-thinking learning environment within the institution.

Current examples include:

  • developing and providing workshops on exam preparation skills
  • numeracy workshops based on subject content, but focused on learning strategies
  • curriculum review for subject coordinators. Mapping assessments and skills assessed to identify gaps and redesign assessments accordingly

Teaching staff who would like to work with a Learning Advisor can email The Learning Centre here.

Learning Advisors provide support to teaching staff that teach international or English as an Additional Language (EAL) students. Teaching staff often engage Learning Advisors to provide expert assistance to their students within their subjects. Here are some common ways Learning Advisors offer support:

Language Assistance: Learning Advisors may offer language support to help international or EAL students improve their English language skills. This can include providing language workshops, conversation practice sessions, and resources for language development.

Academic Guidance: Learning Advisors assist students in understanding the academic requirements and expectations of their courses. They may help students with study skills, time management, and note-taking techniques to enhance their academic performance.

Cultural Orientation: Learning Advisors provide cultural orientation sessions to help international students adapt to the new cultural and social environment. This can include information on campus resources, local customs, and tips for navigating daily life in Australia.

Personalised Support: Learning Advisors offer one-on-one support to address the specific needs and challenges faced by individual international or EAL students. They provide a safe space for students to discuss their concerns and offer guidance accordingly.

Academic Support: Learning advisors are available to support students to build self-efficacy, independent learning skills, and strategies to improve their learning.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Learning advisors help international or EAL students navigate communication challenges and cultural differences in academic settings and daily interactions.

By providing these kinds of support, Learning Advisors aim to empower international and EAL students, helping them adapt to their new academic environment and maximize their learning experience. This contributes to the students' academic success, personal growth, and overall well-being during their time in the educational institution.

Teaching staff who would like to work with a Learning Advisor can email The Learning Centre here.

Learning Advisors can offer professional development for academic staff through workshops, individual consultations, and teaching observations. Learning Advisors provide advice to improve instructional strategies, assist in curriculum development, and curate resources for online learning. Learning Advisors facilitate learning communities and supporting educational research to assist staff to continuously improve their teaching practices, benefitting student learning. Learning Advisors also provide professional development opportunities for professional and teaching staff to improve their instructional techniques, keep up with the latest pedagogical approaches, and enhance their design expertise.

Teaching staff who would like to work with a Learning Advisor can email The Learning Centre here.

English Language and Numeracy Policy

JCU's English Language and Numeracy Policy outlines requirements for proficiency on entry, throughout courses, and upon completion. It adheres to accreditation and legal standards, including accommodating students with disabilities in demonstrating their language and numeracy skills during their studies and beyond.

Learning Advisors assist teaching staff to ensure they are meeting these requirements and assisting with material development in their subjects and courses.

Coursework Academic Misconduct Policy

Learning Advisors support teaching staff to ensure JCU's Coursework Academic Integrity Policy is implemented across the curriculum. In short, Learning Advisors play a vital role in assisting staff with promoting Academic Integrity. They encourage an educative approach, emphasising honesty in all scholarly endeavors.

Learning Advisors equip staff to detect and handle instances of academic misconduct, while providing students with valuable information and training to uphold Academic Integrity.

Learning Teaching and Assessment Policy

JCU places students at the heart of the university. JCU prioritises developing career-ready graduates and promoting inclusivity through interactive and adaptable learning, teaching, and assessment methods. The Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Policy ensures excellence in education, providing students with ample opportunities to achieve academic success.

Learning Advisors help support the Policy by providing expert advice in key skills areas and to assist our students to be adaptable and acquire the skills required to succeed within complex career landscapes of the future. Learning Advisors work alongside academic staff to ensure delivery of these key skills and to ensure assessment is up-to-date and purposeful.

JCU Corporate Strategy

A key focus of the Strategy is on creating career-ready graduates equipped with skills for success in a globalised, digital workforce. Our curriculum emphasises experiential learning, student agency, and technology enhanced learning; assuring seamless integration and equivalency across delivery sites and modes.

A key focus of Learning Advisors is to provide student support programs that extend access and widen participation in higher education, including for regional, remote, Indigenous, first-in-family, and international students. Our expert Learning Advisors work through the Learning Centre programs and alongside academic staff to ensure delivery of these key initiatives.

International Engagement Strategy

The JCU International Engagement Strategy aims to establish a sustainable international student population, to ensure that all JCU students benefit from an internationalised learning environment, to improve global connections with North Queensland, and to encourage mutual benefit through positively impacting local communities and economies.

Learning Advisors support this strategy through our International Student Orientation programs, our language support programs, our Integrated Learning Advisor projects, and through collaboration with our international partners.

Teaching staff who would like to work with a Learning Advisor can email The Learning Centre here.