What does Plagiarism look like?

JCU's The Learning Centre - Video Series - What is Plagiarism and what does it look like?

Plagiarism: What does it look like?

Plagiarism can occur in many ways including:

  • Verbatim copying: directly copying work from another source, word for word.
  • Illicit paraphrasing: paraphrasing (using other words to say the same thing) another author’s work without referencing the source.
  • Sham paraphrasing: copying work word for word, and referencing as a paraphrase instead of a direct quote.
  • Self-plagiarism (recycling): copying and submitting work you have done before on another assignment.
  • Collusion: working together with another person, and then claiming the work as you own.
  • Copy and paste: directly copying text from digital sources.
  • Purchase: paying someone else to write for you, or buying an assignment online.
  • Theft: taking another student’s work and using it as your own.