Peer Learning Assistants

Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs) facilitate a drop-in support service in the Learning Centre spaces in the Townsville and Cairns Libraries. It is a drop in peer-to-peer support service and point of contact for on-campus students. Peer Learning Assistants operate across the academic year, including Trimester 1, 2 and 3 and Study Period 1 and 2.

Opening times


Wednesday and Thursday: 10.00am –1.30pm
Location: Ground floor of the Library (B1)


Monday to Thursday: 10.30am –1.00pm
Location: Ground floor of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library

How PLAs can help students

Peer Learning Assistants are high achieving senior students from a range of disciplines.

PLAs facilitate a ‘drop-in’ service where students can obtain 15-20 minutes of academic support from a peer in areas such as:

  • Time management and other study skills
  • Note taking
  • Problem solving
  • Analysing assignment questions or task descriptions
  • Academic writing
  • Organising ideas for clarity of expression in writing
  • Developing written arguments
  • Feedback on up to three paragraphs of writings
  • Integrating information from scholarly sources
  • Basic numeracy
  • Information about other academic support services.

PLAs offer a personalised drop-in support service. Students requiring specialised academic advice may be referred to an appropriate Learning Adviser.