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Short Courses and Workshops

Position yourself for success! The Learning Centre offers a range of workshops that will assist you with your university studies.

All Learning Centre events are free and open to JCU students from all year levels and courses.

JCU Orientation Programs

Designed to assist students new to university and delivered by experienced students and staff, this session will help with your transition to university life and provide additional advice and tips before classes start. GetReady4Uni is interactive and aims to reduce anxiety levels by providing insights into time management, assessment planning, study skills, types of classes, and learning technologies in a supportive environment. The Learning Centre will be presenting on Academic Skills as part of this short course. Tuesday 18th July - a must for all students. See you there!

Study Period 2, 2023

Orientation Workshops

This short course is designed to build confidence and competence in students returning to maths or in need of a refresher.

You will be able to work through modules at your own pace with support and guidance from our experienced facilitators, who will be on hand to assist you to work through mathematical concepts.

This course is particularly helpful for students intending to study courses where mathematics and statistics are required.

You can choose to participate in the Maths Refresher either face to face or online.


On Campus: 20th July 9am - 11am AEST

Online: 18th July 5pm - 7pm AEST

Rooms: Townsville 134-010; Cairns B1-020;Online

RegistrationTownsville; Cairns; Online

Download the Maths Refresher Short Course workbooks in PDF format:

If you missed the Maths Refresher webinar, you can watch it here.

Revise basic statistics concepts that will support future learning throughout your degree. You will learn about collecting, organising, analysing and interpreting information.


Online: 19th July 6pm-7pm AEST

Room: click here

RegistrationClick here

If you missed the Basic Statistics Short Course, you can download our Basic Stats self-study resources

Learn effectives techniques to engage with the process of academic writing. This informative and hands-on course is designed to address the skills needed to research and write various academic texts such as essays, reports, and annotated bibliographies.


On Campus: 19th July 2pm-4pm AEST

Online: 20th July 5pm-7pm AEST

Rooms: Townsville 134.010; Cairns A3.3; Onlineclick here

RegistrationTownsville; Cairns; Online

Academic Writing Webinar

If you are unable to attend the live Academic Writing Workshop on campus or online, The Learning Centre also provides a series of webinar recordings which are available at the bottom of the page.

Slide notes from the Study Period 2 2023 Learning Centre Academic Writing Lecture Townsville are available for download here.

Slide notes from the Study Period 1 2023 Learning Centre Academic Writing Lecture Townsville are available for download here.

The example student paper from the 2023 Learning Centre Academic Writing Lecture Townsville is available for download here.

Workshop overview

Unpacking the essay question and searching library databases
Learn effective strategies for understanding your essay question and searching library databases. Have a copy of your subject outline and one of your subject readings on hand for this active learning session.

Taking notes and planning for writing
Learn various methods for taking notes, how to structure and organise your first academic assignment.

Integrating evidence, editing and referencing
One of the most important learning and assessment tools at university is the writing of essays. These essays differ from the essays you wrote at school. Firstly, they are written in an academic style, and secondly, the content is often a synthesis of ideas you have collected from a wide variety of readings. Learn how to summarise and paraphrase research and readings and reference accordingly.

For additional academic writing support visit: Essay Writing Basics, and  Assignment Guides.

If you missed the session you can watch the webinar recording here.

This online workshop is a repeat of the Keys to Academic Success session run during GetReady4Uni on 18th July 2023. You do not need to attend the online session if you have already attended face to face.

Get ready for the first few weeks of class. This workshop focusses on skills needed for a successful start at university, including active learning strategies and time management. You will also gain some strategies to research more effectively, and we will work with you to demystify referencing.

Online: 27th July 5.30pm - 7pm AEST

Room: click here

RegistrationClick here

Meet some of JCU's mature age students and discuss strategies for successful study, particularly ways to balance your study, family, and work.


On Campus: 20th July 11am - 12pm AEST

Online: 20th July 12pm - 1pm AEST

Rooms: Townsville 018.002B; Cairns B1-020;  Online click here

RegistrationTownsville; Cairns; Online

This workshop is designed to introduce or refresh the basic ideas underpinning chemistry including atomic structure, the periodic table, the mole, bonding, and basic reaction equations.

This course is particularly helpful for students doing chemistry but with limited understanding or no prior exposure to chemistry, or those wanting to refresh their knowledge.

You can choose to participate in the Chemistry Refresher either face to face or online.

You will need to use the Chemistry Refresher Booklet in this workshop. You can use the electronic copy below, or if you prefer physical material please print the booklet before joining the workshop.

Slide notes from the 2023 Learning Centre Chemistry Refresher Townsville are available for download here.

Chemistry Refresher - Electronic Booklet (DOCX, 2235 KB)

Chemistry Refresher - Printable Booklet (DOCX, 2717 KB)


On Campus: 20th July 1pm - 2.30pm AEST

Online: 19th July 5pm - 6pm AEST

Rooms: Townsville 134-010; Cairns B1-020; Onlineclick here

RegistrationTownsville; Cairns; Online

Self-Study Workshops

Learn valuable organisation and study skills to maximise your learning, make the best use of your time and thus achieve better results.

Self-Study Workshops

Develop your understanding of writing for academic purposes by learning how to organise and express your ideas. Explore a variety of assessment types to help you succeed at university and beyond. These self-study guides focus on the fundamentals of writing (paragraphing, using evidence, etc.) with reference to discipline specific typical text types / genres.

Self-Study Guides

Writing in the Sciences (PDF, 2210KB)

Writing in the Humanities (PDF, 1010KB)

Access the self-study workshop Making a Start by clicking this link.

For information on other workshops recommended for postgraduate students click here.

Online Webinar Recordings

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