Current Students NSSS Survey

National Student Safety Survey

The Social Research Centre (SRC) has been funded to conduct the next national survey on students’ perceptions of safety at Australian universities and experiences relating to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) will begin from Monday 6 September to Sunday 3 October, with a random selection of students from across Australia. A cohort of 10,000 JCU students will be invited to complete the survey, which means some will have an opportunity to participate and some will not.

If you do not receive an invitation, you still have an opportunity to have your voice heard. In addition to the NSSS, the SRC is running a project for any student who would like to share more about their experience of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or unwanted sexual behaviour. It is open to all students who have been enrolled in an Australian university in the past five years. No matter your circumstances, views or experiences, your participation is welcomed.

All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. You can take as much time as you need to share your experiences and suggestions – the online submission form will be available at the NSSS website from 6 September until 3 October. Your responses will be heard and taken seriously as we strive to ensure our University community is safe, supportive and respectful.

Everyone has the right and the expectation that they will be safe wherever they study, live, work and socialise. Your responses will help to create the best and safest university experience possible, as part of the ongoing JCU Respect work. The University’s JCU Respect work to address and respond to sexual violence is shaped by your voice, your experiences and your needs.

It is important that the full range of students’ experiences is heard. This means hearing from people of different ages, sexualities, genders, cultures, degree pathways, modes of study, and countries of origin. It is important to share your information, whether or not you have experienced sexual violence, coercion or harassment of any kind.

This is the second national survey run by the university sector. Previously, JCU students participated in the 2016-17 Australian Human Rights Commission survey. The results of this survey were extremely important and informed our policies, procedures and training resources.

In 2017, JCU engaged former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick AO to comprehensively review the University’s sexual harassment and sexual assault policies and procedures, as well as University culture, and all 32 recommendations from this work have been implemented.

The University’s work is grounded in the enduring Statement of Commitment to the Elimination of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault that JCU made in 2018.

For more information on the JCU Respect initiatives for students and staff designed to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault, please visit JCU’s Safety and Wellbeing webpage.

Student Support

Conversations about sexual assault and sexual harassment can be difficult and challenging. There are a number of confidential services available at JCU and in the community to provide information and support.

For more information about the survey, please visit For more information about JCU Respect, please visit JCU Safety and Wellbeing page, or email