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Maximum Time Extension Application

This form cannot be saved to come back to later and complete.

This form is to request an extension to the completion date of your course as it is no longer possible for you to complete your course within the maximum time as articulated in the Course and Subject Handbook.

This form applies to all students admitted to undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and Pathways Courses offered by James Cook University (JCU) in Australia and via JCU Online.

Please read Maximum Time to Complete Procedure and ensure you understand the process. Complete as much information as possible in the form and provide relevant supporting documentation in order to ensure a smooth assessment of your application.

The University encourages you to seek Academic Advocacy from the Townsville and Cairns JCUSA offices from an independent Student Advocate in the preparation of your application, especially if you need assistance in understanding the form.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Personal information provided on this form will be used and managed in accordance with JCU’s Information Privacy Policy and your Student Contract.

Australian mobile phone preferred.

Note: subject to approval and study plan advice.

This statement will be sent to the Dean of your College and therefore must explain why an extension is requested and your plan to finalise your studies.

The Notification of Extenuating Circumstances form can be used to self-declare your circumstances where documentation such as a medical our counseling certificate is required.