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Request to withdraw from course - Brisbane

This form is to be used by International Students, who are requesting to withdraw from studies at JCU Brisbane.

Before submitting this form, please read our Withdrawal Guidelines, which outlines the help and support services available and important Visa and JCU Policy information.

Students who have not studied and completed the first six months of their principal course are restricted from transferring to another provider and need to apply for release, which may be granted or refused in accordance with the JCU Transfer of International Student Visa Holders to Other Educational Institutions policy. If you are yet to commence or complete six months of your principal course, you are responsible for continuing to maintain your JCU Brisbane enrolment whilst your request is being processed.

You understand that this is a request only and will be assessed based on the information provided in this form and in the supporting documentary evidence provided.  If withdrawal is approved you will be withdrawn from all subjects and course(s) at James Cook University Brisbane.

All students must comply with their student visa conditions, including continuing to study, and to contact the Department of Home Affairs if your circumstances have changed.

Personal details

Course information
e.g. Bachelor of Business (Accounting)


Official date of withdrawal *

Reason for withdrawal *

Changing education provider

New start date

New Letter of Offer is required if requesting a Letter of Release from James Cook University Brisbane.

Have you had any help in receiving the offer from the new provider?

If your new education provider is not a University, have you considered how this may affect your future career prospects?

Why have you chosen this provider over JCU Brisbane

Did you research the locality of Brisbane and the JCU Brisbane campus before applying to study?

You must upload a Valid Letter of Offer from the CRICOS registered provider to which you wish to seek to transfer, and any other supporting documents (e.g. Medical Certificates). Please allow appropriate upload time when submitting your requests.

Agent details
Have you notified your Agent?

Study details

Have you been studying for more than 6 months in your principle course?

Do you wish to request to transfer release from JCU Brisbane to another provider?

Are you currently going through an Academic Progression process? Note: To avoid being suspended or excluded, please submit your Statement of Reasons online if you are currently going through Academic Progression. Check your JCU email for correspondence.

Have you been attending classes in the current study period?

Have you paid your fees for the current study period?

Student support

Have you accessed internal support services?

What internal support services have you accessed?

Have you discussed your situation with a staff member?

Which staff member have you discussed your situation with?

When did you discuss your situation with a staff member?

Have you accessed external support services?

Note: include date your accessed these services

Return items

You will be required to return your JCU Brisbane student ID and security access card. Your request for withdrawal will not be finalised until your cards have been returned. Please return in person or by post to:

349 Queen St,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

If you have lost your security access card, a lost card fee of $25 will apply.

Have you returned your Student Card?

Have you returned your Security Card?

You must read and agree to the following conditions * By ticking this box, you are confirming your withdrawal from all subjects and course(s) at James Cook University Brisbane and have read and understood all the information provided to you.

  • I have been given information in regards to the support services offered by JCU Brisbane and I'm familiar with the Transfer Policy, Refund Policy and Refund Application form.
  • If I am withdrawing after Census Date I will be liable for all fees and charges associated with my enrolment unless approved by International Student Finance and must complete a separate application for Early Withdrawal without Financial Penalty.
  • If I am withdrawing after the last day for subject withdrawal, an Academic Penalty will also be incurred against my enrolled subjects unless approved by Campus Director.
  • Any deferred or supplementary exam result will be changed to Fail.
  • My Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be cancelled which may result in a cancellation of my student visa and I will have approximately 28 days to either leave Australia or make other arrangements for an appropriate visa.