How the Student Mentor Program works


The mission of the Student Mentor Program is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment at JCU for new students and to link them with successful role models.

The program motivates new students and assists them to improve academic performance while promoting a cohesive university culture and learning community. The program is also designed to encourage engagement with underrepresented students from specific equity groups. These groups include students with disabilities, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, students with English is an Additional Language (EAL) and those from rural and remote communities.

How it works

The Student Mentor Program matches new undergraduate students with a student mentor during O Week. Mentors are experienced second or third year students from a similar course or study area who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

This award winning program has been running at JCU for 25 years and involves trained volunteers who donate their time to help new students through their first study period at university.  It is a friendly gesture from a fellow student who remembers the anxieties of being new to university.  How much help you get from your mentor is for you and your mentor to negotiate.

Your mentor is not a tutor, but can offer valuable tips and advice about:

  • Finding your way around campus
  • General queries about university life
  • Support service information
  • Effective strategies to approach your subjects
  • Getting organised for your study, assessments and exams
  • Connecting with other new students and forming study groups

Find a mentor

If you aren't assigned a mentor during O Week and would like to be assigned one, please contact the Student Mentor Program Support Officers:

You can usually find Student Mentor Leaders in the Learning Centres in the Cairns and Townsville campus libraries during the main study periods. Alternatively, email your Course Student Mentor on your campus in Townsville (PDF, 225 KB) or Cairns (PDF, 362 KB) with your questions – they are happy to help and will respond quickly.