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How the Student Mentor Program works


The mission of the JCU Student Mentor Program is to encourage, enable and empower new students by linking them with successful peer role models. These mentors aim to foster a welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and cohesive university community.

Mentors help orient new students to the JCU campus, services and systems. They also explain the challenges associated with university study and proactive strategies to enhance opportunities for academic success.

Mentors aim to provide an early sense of belonging within the university community and help students feel confident, particularly for students who are first-in-family to come to university, or who are from under-represented equity groups.

How it works

The JCU Student Mentor Program matches experienced, successful undergraduate students (Mentors) with commencing undergraduate students from the same course of study during O Week.

This award winning program has been running at JCU for 30 years and involves trained peer volunteers who donate their time to help new students through their first study period at university. It is a friendly gesture from a fellow student who remembers the challenges of being new to university.

Your mentor is not a tutor, and is not permitted to provide advice about assessments, however they can offer valuable tips and advice about:

  • Support services
  • Finding your way around campus
  • General queries about university life
  • Effective strategies to approach your subjects
  • Getting organised for your study, assessments and exams
  • Connecting with other new students and forming study groups