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Student Mentor Program Testimonials

Testimonials from other JCU students

"It was great to know that there was someone I could turn to if I had any questions. I found that I didn’t need much help from my Student Mentor, but it was nice to see a friendly face around the campus, which made me feel more comfortable during my first study period."

"Student mentors provide an important perspective into starting university and succeeding throughout the course of the first study period. It was beneficial to have a mentor who had just started second year, as his first-year experiences were fresh in his mind. Ultimately, hindsight is a powerful tool and he was able to provide me with some incredibly helpful tips."

"I would love to become a mentor for first year university students, as I remember my first year and how I felt. I found my first semester at university quite daunting as a mature age student who had not studied for many years. I remember the 'feeling' of support I was given by my mentor, and am now feel confident to be able to do the same for other first year students."

"As a mature aged student, I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the help of my mentors in first year. They were wonderful, supportive and very helpful with any questions I had. I would like to give my knowledge now to new students starting at JCU."

"I had a great mentor, he particularly made me feel at ease during O Week when I was very anxious about starting a new chapter in my life. His emails were reassuring about how you could study and maintain a social life. He also offered great tips on where to turn for different kinds of help."

"Starting university can be daunting... everybody has things about university that may cause some anxiety. Mentors are a good way of providing a familiar, friendly face around campus and they make it a little less scary. I found the mentor program helped me to relax into my new study life, and I would like to help new students feel that they can achieve their goals, and that they will get into the swing of university life very quickly."

"My mentor was great. She was friendly and outgoing and instigated quick meet-ups to see how I was feeling in my first semester of uni. She also sent great little emails that basically stated 'you are not alone'. These assisted me to understand that everyone was in the same boat with the same doubts and worries. The sense of community kind of lifted the weight."

"My experience being mentored was good. I was able to ask any of the mentors questions and they were always very helpful. As an Indigenous student, the Deadly Mentors understood my cultural and personal issues and were always supportive. I felt valued. Without the support of the mentors I would not be at university starting my second year of study. They have inspired me to now help new students both Indigenous and non-Indigenous."

"I remember when I first started at James Cook University, I recollect the feeling of being lost and scared, but from the guidance of the mentors in my O Week classes they help me get the confidence I needed to kick start my career, and from that experience I've always wanted to give back to the uni by helping the new comers as I know what they are feeling, since I've been through it before, and I could take my experiences and use them to help the first years become all that they can be."

"When I was a first year student, the mentors really made the university experience that much more enjoyable. I looked up to them, and when I asked for help, they provided me with everything I needed and followed up afterwards to make sure everything was okay. I really appreciate the work of my mentor and all the current mentors at JCU."

"I attended the Unistart program as well as the Maths Refresher. I found both these courses informative and the mentors very helpful and understanding. I also signed up with a mentor for my first semester and she gave words of encouragement and hints/advice on where to focus my energy regarding studying and course work."

"I had a mentor and he was very supportive and honest about the importance of dedication and organisation. He also encouraged me to use the Learning Centre which has vastly improved my ability to write academically."