Academic Safety Net

To reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your academic results, a variety of changes have been introduced.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 site and reach out to the Student Centre.

Students are impacted in a variety of ways by COVID-19 and the transition to new ways of learning and assessment. Changes to reduce the impact include:

Fail results (Except X)

For Teaching Period 1, 2020 there is a waiver of WF, U and N results on academic records, these will be changed to WD (withdrawal without academic penalty) if you have completed at least 80 per cent of subject assessments.  These will not count towards your GPA.

This process will occur automatically prior to Results Publication Date.

It is  recommended to download your LearnJCU materials prior to Results Publication Date.

There will still be the ability to apply under the Review and Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure,  if you are unhappy with the final result.

Non-GPA system

A Non-GPA system has been implemented for students enrolled in foundational year subjects (level 1 and 2 coded subjects)

Students will receive either a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory result schema for subjects coded Level 1 and Level 2.

For Unsatisfactory results, these will automatically be converted to a WD (Withdrawn) prior to Results Publication Date as per above Fail results section.

If you require a Teaching Period 1 Indicative GPA because you are applying for a course, transferring to another course or leaving the University, you can apply using the TP1 GPA Letter of Advice form.

Change result type to Non-GPA system

Students in advanced level subjects (level 3 and higher-level coded subjects) will have the option to have Passing subject results converted to the Non-GPA system.

Students who wish to change their result type in Teaching Period 1 from the normal results schema to Satisfactory (Non GPA) should complete the Request to Change Result Type for Teaching Period 1, 2020 application form.

This change is irreversible and must apply to ALL passed subjects in the Teaching Period and your GPA will remain what it was before TP1 2020 results.

You must first consult with your course academic advisor or course coordinator to ensure you understand and accept the full effects of this change.

Requests for extensions for assessment due dates are possible without a medical or counselling certificate. To request an extension for an assessment please contact your Subject Coordinator  and provide information for consideration. You may complete a Notification of Extenuating Circumstances (NEC) form in replacement of medical or counselling certification, and attach as evidence.

More information and a link to the form will be available shortly.

If your studies have been impacted by COVID-19, you are eligible for late withdrawal without academic penalty. This means that late withdrawal from subjects will be represented as a WD (withdrawn) result instead of a WF (withdrawn fail) result on your academic record

If your studies have been impacted by COVID-19 and you are not able to secure a doctor’s certificate or other evidence, you can self-declare via the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances form as your supporting documentation. The form will be available shortly, and can be used for missed compulsory classes, assessment extensions,  special consideration, deferred exams, and withdrawal from subjects.

Additional support

IT Resources Assistance Scheme:
For students who do not have a computer or internet at home, the IT Resources Assistance Scheme was opened to provide used computers and internet access to enable online study from home. Resources available for this Scheme have been exhausted. Computers available campus are positioned to allow for social distancing measures to be observed.

Online library resources: The library is offering online support and services where possible, and has changed some requirements. This includes:

  • A virtual reference desk service is available during opening hours.
  • Our online help and advice services (Chat with a Librarian, Submit a question to JCU Library, book an online appointment) are available during opening hours.
  • Items from the physical collection are available for loan with unlimited renewals.
  • Fines may be waived. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Contact the library for assistance.
  • Where possible, high-demand print books are being converted to eBooks.
  • Additional online resources are being provided by scholarly publishers in response to the COVID-19 situation.

Continuing library services:

  • On-campus libraries remain open to students via swipe card access.
  • Off-Campus library services continue for students who reside more than 50km from a campus library including free postage.
  • Our online resources (eBooks, eJournals, databases, library guides, One Search, catalogue, FAQs, readings, etc.) are available 24x7.

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Learning Support:  

Explore support and resources available via the JCU Learning Centre:

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